What can I give in 4 months to a child: advice to young mothers

When your baby has reached the age of four months,it is difficult to call it baby. He is gaining weight, growing and eating a day about a sixth of his weight - that is, about 1 kilogram of food. Of course, mainly this is the mother's milk or artificial mixtures when breastfeeding is not possible. But now is the time to slightly diversify the baby's diet and begin to accustom it to new products. What can I give in 4 months to a child?

that it is possible to give in 4 months to the child

It is best to begin by consultingthis issue with your pediatrician. He will make an exact verdict - whether the child is sufficiently developed to enter complementary foods or whether this should be delayed. If the baby is gaining weight well, has an increased appetite, the doctor can advise you to start introducing new dishes even earlier - from about 3.5 months. He also will help with making a list of what can be given to a child at 4 months.

The first on this list will probably be the eggyolk, as it is very nutritious and well absorbed by the body. Give his baby follows in boiled and well-ground form with milk. Start luring should be a little bit, so that the child just rasproboval new for him to taste and consistency product. This can be difficult. The kid is used to the fact that food is mother's milk, and not an unfamiliar substance at all. Therefore, a new product should be given in the middle of the feeding first, and then transferred to the beginning - before giving the breast.

Also in the list of products that can be given in 4month to the child, among the first - low-fat cottage cheese. They can be fed already after the child is accustomed to yolk, it is better to mix them with each other. To make it easier for the baby to understand the taste of the new product and digest the cottage cheese, it must be well wiped through a sieve or whipped with a blender until the paste is in place. Do not get carried away with the addition of salt or sugar - they are harmful to the child, let it firstly recognize the natural taste of the products.

that can be given to a child in 4 months
At the same time it's good to start lureall sorts of vegetable purees. What can I give to eat a child in 4 months from vegetables? The favorites are carrots, potatoes, broccoli, zucchini. All these vegetables are very useful for a child's body. But with them you should be careful. Of course, from the point of view of an adult, it is better to make a mixture of vegetables - and it's tastier, and more useful. But baby digestion is a fragile thing, it can be easily upset by a sudden combination of foods. Therefore, do not rush, start with a monovus - for example, with mashed carrots, boiled or cooked for a couple. When you see that the child is used to his taste, he does not show any allergy to this product, go to the next vegetable, but not earlier. And only afterwards, after all the vegetables have been tried, you can gradually make mixed mashed potatoes.

And if you can cook from fresh vegetablesNo, what can I give in 4 months to a child? On the shelves of stores is sold a huge number of ready-made purees. Stop your choice on them. But you should carefully read the inscriptions on the package to buy a product suitable for the kid by age, which does not contain dyes or a large amount of preservatives, and also with an appropriate shelf life.

that you can give to eat a child at 4 months
As you can see, a list of what can be given in 4month baby, is large enough, but still the basis of nutrition at this tender age should be breast milk - a valuable source of nutrients for your child.

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