The name of the headgear: it is important to know every fashionista

Do you know the name of the headgear? For some reason in Russia, all of them are called hats. And by the way, in the world there are several hundred varieties of hats. For example, bergmutz is the cap of the military Austrian and German armies. But in this article we will talk about the most famous headdresses of our time.

the name of the headgear

So, the first name for the headgear, suitableand men and women: they can be worn in summer and winter, they are combined with a sports jacket, and with a strict coat ... Of course, these are berets. For many decades, it does not go out of fashion and is made of a variety of materials: velor, fur, cotton, knitwear, wool and even leather. The origin of the beret is Celtic. A similar baggy headdress was worn by a medieval noble, adorned with feathers and precious stones.

The second name of headdresses, toouniversal style and application, this hat. This capacious word includes many types of headgear, but still its main form is knitted. It does not lose its form, it is easy to store, take off and put on, entering the room and leaving it. In addition, made of wool, it perfectly warms even in severe frosts. That is why this universal hat is worn by both children and adults.

names of women's hats

Baseball caps, caps and caps today firmly entered thethe daily image of men and women, ceasing to be an attribute of athletes and people of a certain profession. Today they are made of suede, leather, nylon and knitwear - a universal headwear for men and women.

A cap-earflap is a reliable protection against strong frosts and winds. The most fashionable of them today - with a beautiful fur on the peak and "ears." More suitable for sports or "kazhual" style.

Today the headdress is not only protection from the cold and wind, but also an ornament, and often an indicator of status. Can we imagine the Queen of England without her hat?

By the way, let's discuss the names of women's hats.

The first is, of course, a hat. Today they are also made from a wide variety of materials - from traditional straw, cloth and felt to leather and fur. In recent years, men's hats have become loved by women of fashion and have firmly entered the female image. Panama, sombrero, bowler, cowboy, slouch, pill - all this is only a small part of the names of hats.

oriental headdress
Russia is a multinational country, and therefore let's get acquainted with a topic such as an oriental headdress. The name and origin of their very diverse.

Yermolka is a Jewish round cap without borders, it is often fastened with hairpins, it sits tightly on the head.

Nikab is a Muslim headdress covering the face, neck and head. Has a narrow incision for the eyes.

The skullcap is an eastern small cap, in shape it can be round or square.

Turban - light fabric, wrapped around the head.

Hijab - in Western countries, they call this headscarf worn by Muslim women. In Islam, this is the female body covering the body.

Chalma - the name of the headdresses of women and men, which are a long fabric, wrapped around another dress, for example fezes or skullcaps.

Fesca - a cap in the form of a truncated cone made of red felt. The male fez has a blue or black brush. Women's - embroidered with gold or pearls.

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