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From a very young age our little princesseslove to play dolls. In this game the girl plays the role of mother, and the doll - the daughter. It is difficult to surprise an ordinary child with a modern toy, but interactive dolls for girls make an indelible impression not only on young ladies, but also on their parents. And this is not surprising, because they repeat to the smallest detail the face of a little man. These truly unique toys comprehensively develop the child. Small toy "children" need care and care, they know how to cry and talk, tell stories and rhymes.

interactive dolls for girls

Interactive dolls for girls: puppet Falca (Spain)

Charming little boy 38 cm highis intended for a child over three years old. For a small "mom" it will be a real gift. Pups is dressed in a blue overall with a nice bunny on his chest and the same cap. The kid is very smart - if you take him by the left hand, he will laugh, and if for the right, he will say "aga". He has a pacifier - a dummy, with which he does not want to part. If you take it away, the puppet will cry, and when the little mother brings it back or pats the handle, it will calm down.

Interactive dolls for girls: Guca (Spain)

This is a copy of this baby. Her height is 50 centimeters. Designed for girls over three years old. Very pretty face in this "babe". Dressed this pretty creature in a charming pink overall, a hat and a smart pink envelope with roses. The baby has a soft tummy, and if you press it lightly, the girl will laugh and start talking to the little "mom" - to walk.

toys for girls interactive dolls

Toys for girls: interactive dolls CiccioBello

This is an extraordinary baby, she knows how to crawl andwalk, cry and laugh, open and close eyes, suck a pacifier. The girl will "teach" her baby to walk. To do this, you just have to clap your hands, and the baby will go to meet. And when he gets tired - another cotton, and he creeps into the arms of his "mother".

Interactive dolls for girls: Tanyusha

This is a completely new generation of toys. The doll is made of innovative materials. The skin of the baby feels very real to the touch. From beautiful and long hair you can make different hairstyles. Tanyusha "understands" twenty phrases, with it you can learn to speak English, learn tongue twisters, play a quiz. Pupa likes to sing songs, tell stories and rhymes. During the conversation, Tanya opens and closes her mouth.

interactive doll dasha

Interactive doll Dasha

This is truly a unique toy, because itnot only imitates the behavior of the baby, but it can grow! When a small "mom" feeds Dasha from a bottle, she begins to grow right before our eyes. Like a real baby, she smacks her mouth when she eats, breathes and cries, if something is upset. When the chrysalis are satisfied with everything and she likes how to take care of her, she laughs. Most of all, Dasha loves to sing, especially with her caring "mother." If the girl will properly "educate" Dasha, then eventually she will ask to feed her, play or put her to bed.

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