Liner is what? Tool characteristics

Artists are very interesting people. Their nature is woven of many qualities. It would Seem, they are not able to get along in one person. This is the creative impulses that fill the speech with bright emotions, and the perseverance with which the master takes out every smear or stroke on the canvas, creating another masterpiece. Going artists to meet, the manufacturer of stationery invents more and more new accessories that can facilitate the creative process. Recently, a very interesting thing began to gain popularity - a liner. Is it a pen? Pencil? Brush?

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What is a liner?

It's a capillary pen. Its purpose is very specific. Liner is used to create drawings, sketches or sketches. There is a whole culture of drawing where the capillary pen serves as the object for the image on paper. It's about the manga comics that came to us from Japan. Here, each picture is made in the style of anime cartoons. Pictures are characterized by a sharp change of colors, contrast and brightness.

On the constructive side, the liner is the handle,capable of creating a line of various widths: from 0.5 to 3 millimeters. Inside the writing set is a rod, filled with mascara. During operation, the handle shows itself on the positive side. It slides easily over the paper, leaving a clear and pure color. The line is quite bright. Liner is the choice in favor of quality drawing, which is important for a professional artist.

How to choose a good liner?

It's not so easy to do. First of all, it is important not to disregard the material that was the basis for the creation of the product. Typically, the body of the liner is made of a special substance - polypropylene. The choice of the manufacturer towards this material is due to the fact that the capillary handles in the closed state necessarily fall under the harmful influence of the surrounding space.

Polypropylene allows a very long timeWorry about the integrity of the ink tank. Properly assembled liner will serve many times longer. Therefore, quality is the second, which should be noted. It is not difficult to care for such a pen. The main thing is to make sure that the cap is snug against the body after refueling. Otherwise, the ink will dry very quickly.

liner is a capillary pen

How to choose ink?

Third, what the artist, who is going to buyliner, you need to pay attention - this is the quality of ink. They must necessarily meet the highest requirements, have resistance to low and high temperatures, do not be afraid of light, do not blur after contact with water. Light fastness is one of the important criteria. It should be paid attention to before buying ink, because it is due to its high index that the picture lasts longer on paper, retaining a bright color. Do not forget about checking the length of the line that the handle can leave with one click.

liner is the pen

Why does the liner stop writing?

There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Firstly, the pen stops writing when air bubbles enter it. It is not difficult to fix this problem. It is enough to take the liner so that the tip is turned down, then gently tap on the opposite side of the case. If the problem persists, place the writing device horizontally, shake gently several times. The last attempt will be to turn the liner tipped up. In this state they should knock on the table. Secondly, the pen can not write because of your carelessness. Perhaps the container just ran out of ink, or it clogged.

Liner - an excellent capillary pen. She quickly becomes an artist's favorite means for creating graphic works and, consequently, constantly wears out. Do not forget that things sometimes just break down. You do not need to despair. Liner can now be purchased in many stores, so it will not be difficult to find a replacement.

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