Training of British cats

Probably, many know that when training wild animals the principle of "carrot and stick" does not work. Most often, they work with animals using the method of reward.

dog training
Cats are very sensitive to their attitude towards themrights. To one they are trusted completely, to another they are cautious or completely ignoring his orders. This is the fundamental difference between a cat and a dog. Trained by some team, she performs it, whoever of the family members she is serving. If a cat negatively concerns a person, then he will never teach her even the simplest things. You will not be helped by affectionate words or tidbits of meat - a cat can not be bribed. Perhaps only a kind attitude towards her will win her trust, love and affection.

Training a cat is complicated because it will only learn those things that it wants to master itself, which bring it pleasure and meet its needs.

Training of a cat always begins with close monitoring of it. You should

kittens of the British breed
interest in the natural propensities of the animal -what games it likes, how it is entertained, when there is no one around. By collecting all your observations together, you will understand how tricks can train a cat. If your pet likes to jump, then try to teach her how to jump on her shoulder. If she wears toys in her teeth, she is certainly capable of bringing things thrown by you at the command.

Cats respond well to the human voice andsound signals - they are able to perceive up to 50 human words. They do not understand the meaning, but they learn well and are soon discerned, call them for a walk or invite to eat. Cats perfectly remember what words mean the prohibition of the owner or his indignation. They catch the slightest voice intonations, if they think that a person treats them well, they are ready to fulfill the commands of the host.

Remember that animals quickly get tired ofmonotonous actions, therefore training of a cat for one reception should not make more than 8-10 minutes, otherwise the pet develops a strong aversion to the performed tricks, and then any delicacies will not force it to fulfill them. Kittens should not be trained for more than 2-3 minutes, then be sure to let the little "disciples" go free.

care of the cat at home
Now many people in our country areBritish cats. And it's no wonder - the cats of this breed are very beautiful, smart, extremely clean, and the kittens of the British breed are simply adorable. They are very different from other kittens because of the dense short coat, which makes them look like teddy bears. Their thick cheeks will not leave anyone indifferent. The eyes of the kittens are very widely spaced - this makes the muzzle serious. Their body is also peculiar - with short, but strong paws. The head is round, on a short, powerful neck.

Care of the cat at home is very difficult - animalsneed bathing, combing, clipping, eye care, etc. Therefore, if you are not ready for this, then think carefully before starting a pet.

If you have little time, and there is no patience at all, then the training of a cat is not for you. But any pet will eventually learn to understand many of the words and phrases addressed to him.

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