Gift for the New Year for 12 years - a difficult choice

A magical winter holiday New Year awaits andadults and children. Kids dream of gifts under the tree, and parents are waiting for a miracle and fun. 12 years is a serious age. It seems to be no longer a child, but also not a teenager! Children of this age need a special approach, try to become their friend! Choose a gift for the New Year for 12 years - not such a simple task! Ask the hobbies and preferences of the recipient. If the young talent is engaged in a section or a circle, hand him the paraphernalia or accessory that is suitable for this hobby.


Now children from an early age mastermobile phones, computers, tablets. They can spend hours playing exciting games, watching videos or chatting with friends using modern programs. A phone case or a disk with a new game is a good gift for the New Year for 12 years. Of course, you need to take into account the sex of the child. Boys like "shooters" and arcades, and girls prefer quieter, developing games, quests.

gift for the new year for 12 years

Before you go to the store for a disc,consult the parents of the child. Many disapprove of this hobby and limit the time spent at the computer. In this case, your gift can bring trouble and conflicts to the family.

Quite another matter is good qualityheadphones, keyboard, laser mouse, genuine leather case. Choose an accessory in bright colors, the child will gladly use such a present! Get a great gift for the New Year boy! 12 years is a period of rivalry, the boys are trying to take a leading position in the company or class. They already understand that you need to look neat and fashionable, so a stylish accessory will not be superfluous.

The matured princesses

Girls at 12 years old are not yet revealedbuds, they are beautiful and tender. At this age, a figure, style, character, manner of behavior is formed. Girls grow up slightly faster than their male peers. Therefore, stylish clothes, shoes, jewelry, hygiene products are now on the first place. They want to look older, feel like girls, start paying attention to the boys!

Gift certificate in a clothing store - the besta gift for the New Year for 12 years. Of course, if you are aware of the latest trends and have excellent taste, you can choose a gift yourself. All kinds of bags, clutches, wristwatches, belts and bijouterie - all this will enthrall a small fashionista!

presents for the new year to a child of 12 years old

Means for hair care will also becomean excellent gift. Little princesses already take care of themselves and understand that the hair must be clean and neatly laid! Choose a quality organic shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hand a gift for the New Year. For 12 years - this is a very suitable and necessary present!

Personally in hands

Modern technology creates real miracles. To put an image or an inscription it is possible on any surface. Order a special gift in the salon to the child. For the girl it is possible to make an original mug, a pillow which will decorate an interior of a maiden bedroom. Photo of a pet you love will look original on the case for your phone or purse. You can include fantasy, and order a wall clock, a huge calendar with the girl's lucky photos.

But the boys will like a sweatshirt orT-shirt with a funny inscription or a story from your favorite movie, the game. Such a gift for the New Year for 12 years will be released in a single copy. The Taurus can boast such an unusual thing before friends. Such gifts on New Year to the child will be remembered for life!

gift for the new year boy 12 years old

Working head

A person should develop throughout the wholelife. A good charge for the brain are puzzles, designers, sets for creativity. Boys like a metal or plastic designer, the more details, the better. First they can work according to the scheme and collect the given figures, robots, machines. And when they will taste, they will be able to come up with models for their own design. Puzzle and board games are a universal gift. If there are several children in the family, they will spend the evenings playing an exciting game. A useful gift for the New Year for 12 years - children are always under supervision, and even with the benefit for development!

Little fairies can carry away a set for embroidery,knitting, weaving. They will create designer things with their own hands. Such creative impulses can become the source of the future profession. Storefronts are full of all kinds of handicrafts. Jewelery and crafts made of beads, diamond embroidery and traditional - a cross, the creation of engraving or exclusive jewelry. You will definitely choose something suitable for your princess. The development of creative potential is a good gift for the New Year. 12 years - the age of intellectual and physical development!

gift for the new year for 12 years

Sport and health

Sport is always in fashion. Now this occupation is especially important. Try to choose gifts for the New Year to a child of 12 years in this field! In every city there are all kinds of sections, halls. Fighting, athletics, gymnastics, fitness, swimming - all this has a beneficial effect on the development of the child. If the child has not yet chosen his path, help him decide. An excellent presentation is a subscription to the gym. There, the kid himself will be able to choose classes to his liking.

Many children go in for sports from a young age. Such copies can be presented with a new form for classes or a sports complex for a room. It includes a rope, a ladder, a ball, a hoop, dumbbells, a skipping rope. It is worth such a pleasure inexpensively, and will serve more than a dozen years. Such necessary gifts for the New Year to the child 12 years will please and parents!

Give joy

Childhood flies like one instant! Therefore, to give the kids happiness, joy, positive emotions and new impressions are necessary without interruptions. Children learn the world quickly, they want to try everything at once, their energy has no limit! So do not let this happen, but rather push it. Let them be constantly busy with something, but running around with friends at home is also a must!

good gift for the new year 12 years

Radio-controlled cars and airplanes - excellenta gift for the New Year to a boy of 12 years. You can have fun with your friends in the fresh air. Give your children as much time as possible, and in the future they will answer you the same!

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