Palette of colors: a cream for footwear "Salamander", a spray and impregnation

Means Salamander - cosmetics for shoes. With her help shoes "at an age" become as new. It softens leather products. Helps to hide defects a wide palette of colors. Shoe polish "Salamander" can restore shoes or boots of almost any shade. In addition, in the arsenal of the brand there are other means. "Salamander" produces aerosols, impregnations for leather products of any kind.

The effect of the cream "Salamander"

German means "Salamander Wetter Schutz" fromMelvo GmbH are designed to give a quality look to all types of shoes created from leather. They work in several directions at once. The formula using lanolin protects the material from the effects of adverse weather conditions.

color palette cream for shoes salamander

And to hide scratches, rubbing will help a wide palette of colors. Cream for shoes "Salamander" allows you to mask all the shortcomings that have formed on the skin as a result of mechanical action.

Cream Wetter Schutz

The means "Salamander" includes cream WetterSchutz, intended for the restoration of products made of smooth leather. It includes high-quality beeswax. It is yellow, white and "absolute", which is created with the help of alcohol. Wax promotes the formation of a film that protects the shoes from drying out, gives it a soft and persistent shine.

 salamander shoes cream

It provides a beautiful and even color. After treatment with "Salamander" the shoes do not let water pass. This contributes to the repulsive properties of the cream. From the impact of dampness and dirt protects the formula containing fluorine and silicone oil. There are no solvents in the composition of the product.

Color spectrum

What is the color palette in the brand's arsenal? The shoe cream "Salamander" has several shades of brown, and also a tone called "ocean" and marsh. Light shoes can be restored with white, beige, silk, pink, pearl, powder, pelican, aloe vera, foam. There are also shades of scotch, leather, nevada, walnut, maron. The green palette is represented by forest, cedar, khaki, moss. Yellow - henna and mustard. For men's shoes, dark gray and anthracite are more suitable. There are also red with shades: burgundy, fire, mahogany, fuchsia, pink, lilac, flamingo, ruby. The blue color palette is also diverse. The shoe cream "Salamander" can be blue, aqua, blue, turquoise, aquamarine shades, blue ice, jeans. Gray flowers of the cream "Salamander" can be considered silver, light gold, platinum, medium gray, dark gray, pearls.

shoe cream salamander color

Colorless cream Lack Polish is designed forcare of varnish skin. Suitable for natural and artificial leather. With its help you can achieve a mirror shine of the product. User reviews say that it has a persistent silicone coating. Protects and against the effects of moisture "salamander" shoes. The cream is quickly absorbed. But after application it is necessary to polish it, otherwise the surface will be matte.

User reviews indicate that the pricecream "Salamander" corresponds to the cost of other means of protection of premium footwear. The price is 140-170 rubles. for 75 g. But the cream "Salamander" is quite economical. One package lasts longer than a cheap analog.

Aerosol "Salamander Leather Fresh" is intended for:to protect and nourish the skin. It also has lanolin. This is a special fat, which is obtained from sheep's wool. He can keep the amount of water that is twice his own weight. At the same time, it remains as viscous as before contact with water. The film created by lanolin, allows moisture to evaporate, and useful substances to be absorbed into the skin. Coloring aerosol pigments restore the color of shoes no worse than the shoe cream "Salamander". The colors of the aerosol are called the same as those of the cream of this brand.

Spray "Salamander"

Nubuk Velours spray is designed to care forsuede, velor, nubuck products. It can be used for shoes with climatic membranes. The color palette is a bit poorer, but it's enough to successfully take care of boots or shoes. Missing shades can be replaced with a colorless aerosol.

cream salamander

Can be used to protect new shoeswater-repellent impregnation "Salamander Universal SMS". Price for 300 ml 309 rubles. It is designed to handle the material from which the shoes are made, to the first socks. It can be products from a wide variety of materials, including nubuck, suede, smooth leather and even textiles. Before using impregnation, you need to actively shake the balloon and apply the product to the shoes from a distance of 20 cm. Wait until it dries. In total it is necessary to conduct the procedure three times. Impregnation protects products from moisture and dirt. It helps even from the influence of reagents and the formation of hydrochloric divorce.

How to determine the color

Different manufacturers call their colorsa little differently. Especially this applies not to pure colors, such as black or red, but to original shades. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the name of the person you like. To order a cream of the right color, determine it in the map "Salamander". The same palette is available from other manufacturers. But the colors there may be significantly different.

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