Overview of breeds of hunting dogs with photos, names and descriptions

The history of specialized dogs takes itsbeginning in the distant past. Since ancient times, people have tamed dogs, turning wild animals into their helpers, and later began to breed more advanced breeds, giving them certain qualities (depending on use).

italian marriage

Today we will introduce you to the breed of hunting dogs- with photos and descriptions of the features of each of them. Some of them are well known to Russian hunters and ordinary lovers of four-legged friends, others are not known to many novice dog breeders. We hope that the information presented in this article will be useful not only to hunters, but also to all animal lovers, who dream of having an intelligent, loyal and faithful companion for keeping in an apartment or in a house.

Hunting dogs: rock groups

To date, there are abouthundred breeds of hunting dogs, but about thirty of them are widespread. Many rare varieties are known to Russian breeders exclusively through photos in specialized publications and names.

Some four-legged assistants are commonon the territories of individual countries, where they are actively used by hunters. And outside these states such breeds are known only to a narrow circle of specialists. In many cynological publications, you can find a description of the breeds of hunting dogs with photos. The cynologists divide them into several quite numerous groups.


A group of dogs used for hunting birds with a gun. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they freeze in the rack, discovering the prey until the moment when the master makes a shot.


Sneakers for baiting the beast without applicationguns. This name can be translated as "clever", "fast". These are hardy animals, which at the sight of game die in the rack, and then develop a huge speed, pursuing prey.


Peaceful and friendly beings who are smart and considerate hunters. These cute dogs deftly track the tracks of game.

italian spinona


Small universal hunting dogs. After tracking down the prey they freeze in the rack. These little hunters possess ingenuity and a sharp nose.


Long-haired hunting dogs, used since the XIX century. Animals are intelligent, friendly, immensely loyal to the owner and very reliable. Virtually indispensable helpers in the hunting for birds.


This group has many breeds. Such pets track their prey by smell, and then pursue it to a dead end or are driven to the hunter.

Small Terriers

Normal, short-legged dogs. Indispensable for hunting small rodents.

Terriers are large

In France and Great Britain, these animals are recognized as the best hunters for northerners. Quick-footed and attentive, they are able to track down prey by smell.

And now we would like more detailsstop at some groups and introduce you to some representatives of hunting breeds of dogs. With photographs such a review will be more complete, and therefore illustrative materials will also be presented to the attention of readers.

Dog Hounds

And we will begin our acquaintance with the largest group. A feature of the hounds is incredible stamina and sharp flair. These animals are able to pursue the beast, without reducing the pace, at a distance of about a hundred kilometers. Pickling dogs were the ancestors of these breeds. They were used on hunting in the Middle Ages. According to the cynologists, the characteristics of hounds are malice, viscosity, obedience.

Viscosity is the main quality of hounds. This is the name of the astonishing perseverance of a four-legged hunter in search of prey and the ability to instantly find a trace when it is lost (skole). There are about thirty kinds of hounds. The most common ones are:

  • basset hound;
  • beagle;
  • bloodhound;
  • foxhound;
  • Ridgeback.

Basset Hound

One of the most charming breeds of huntingdogs. Many regular readers of cynological publications are acquainted with the photos of these sympathizers. Basset Hound - a reliable assistant hunter, with a gentle and calm character and unusual appearance. But if a pet does not like something, it can become stubborn and unruly.

breeds of hunting dogs with photos

This tireless and hardy hunter, but unusualand very cute appearance, turned them into very popular decorative animals. Representatives of the breed need long walks with physical loads over long distances.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Quite large and muscular dog, excellentproven in the hunt for large animals. A distinctive external feature of this breed is a large woolly stain that grows in the opposite direction from the main coat.

breeds of hunting dogs with photos


This group of dogs began to be used as ahunting a few centuries ago. Representatives of the cops have a great flair. Having found out game, animals freeze on a place, showing the owner the find. At the command of the owner, the dog scares the bird and causes it to fly out into the shot. Rarely they are used for hunting small animals.

breeds of hunting dogs with photos

Italian Marriage

All the existing European breedsThe common common ancestor is Italian. Her second name is an Italian marriage. This is the oldest breed of cops. It is divided into two types: the Lombard and Piedmontese marriages. Harmoniously folded dog, with well-developed muscles.

Brakki are short-haired animals. Their wool is shiny and dense, on the ears and head is shorter than on the body. Color is white with spots of different shapes, light or dark brown. There are specimens of coffee-and-piego with color of color, symmetrical mask on the face is welcomed.

italian marriage


Another Italian breed. The Italian spinon is a large peg, which, according to the ICF classification, is classified as a griffin type. This is a universal hunting breed, characterized by the ability to work confidently in the forest, as well as in the swampy terrain.

The Italian spinon has a tough dense wool,tightly adjacent to the body, and thick skin that protects the dog when working in a bush or in tall grass. Special charm gives the dog a large size, it also affects the slowness in the work. Animals are endowed with a sharp scent, but they do not have an explosive temperament. They work thoroughly and carefully combing the territory. As partners, the Italian spinons become very kind and devoted. They love children, are not aggressive towards other animals and perfectly feel themselves in the family. At physical exertions and long walking comfortably feel in a city apartment.

italian spinona


Unlike other breeds, greyhounds have moredry physique, long muscular legs and the ability to develop a huge speed (up to ninety kilometers per hour). The greyhounds catch up with the game and immediately kill it. They are greedy for prey, they are reckless and pursue the beast with bitterness. In Russia hunting with greyhounds has always been considered the favorite entertainment of the nobility.

Afghan hound

In this category, we want to present you one of thethe most beautiful dogs in the world. The Afghan greyhound, the description of the breed which is included in all the cynology guides, looks like an aristocrat. This is a serious, but rather difficult dog for owners. She needs a lot of exercises, laborious grooming, reasonable discipline to control the animal's hunting instinct.

Afghan hound breed description

This greyhound hails from Afghanistan. At home, she was hunted by large animals - leopards, antelopes. In the West the dog got into the end of XIX century. Afghans are difficult to educate, often more than one year goes to the full socialization of the pet. And the fault is the stubbornness of the animal.


Previously, terriers were all normal breeds. The purpose of this group is work on the pasture of the beast from under the earth. Overtake prey and track it should be larger dogs, usually hounds, but the terrier, no matter what it is growth, should not yield to their fellow runners. Theoretically, everything is as it is, but in reality, normal dogs actively work both in tandem with the hunter, and in the pack with the hounds.


Without exaggeration, this is one of the best andthe most ancient norwegian dogs. There are many versions about the origin of these animals, but official information links these dogs to Germany. The peculiarity of the dachshund is moderate malice, in comparison with the terriers, in which aggression towards the beast is welcomed.

rabbit dachshund

FCI distinguishes three varieties of breed:

  • Standard.
  • Long-haired - are similar in structure to animals, which differ in the structure and length of the coat.
  • Rabbit - small dachshund, weighing up to fivekilograms, there are short-haired and long-haired varieties. Today it is common as a pet. Rabbit Dachshund Companion is a cheerful and friendly friend, sympathetic to caring and caring.


Since ancient times, hunting dogs, or, like themused to be called northern dogs, are irreplaceable and faithful helpers of man. The origin of this ancient group goes to primitive fossil dogs: a peat jackalous spitz and a wolf-like dog. For tribes that inhabited a vast forest area, these dogs were an essential tool of hunting, the main means of subsistence. The classification of Laika was developed by the famous cynologist Dmitrieva-Sulimova. Based on this classification standards of breeds have been approved, which are currently in effect.

 german langhaar

Russian-European Laika

This versatile dog is suitable for huntingpractically on any beast, but their best qualities are demonstrated in the hunt for a bear, wild boar, wolf, feathered game and fur-bearing animals. It is not necessary to seek the representatives of the breed of unquestioning obedience: an initiative-less husky will not be useful in hunting.

West Siberian Laika

With proper training, this dog can beused in the hunt for any beast. From puppyhood, the owner should accustom his pupil to obedience, because the excessive self-confidence of husky at a meeting with a serious opponent can end tragically.

At the same time, too much rigor intraining. In this case, the dog may lose interest in hunting, become inert and bezynitsiativnoy. A hunting hunter is a universal dog. It can be used on all types of hunting. Especially common hunting for badgers with husky. The best time for this is September. Badger at this time, abundantly feeding and far away from his hole.

badger hunting

Hunting for badgers with husky begins in the secondhalf the day. The dog picks through the woods, occasionally catching sight of the hunter. In the evening, when everything is silent, a barking is heard. When it is completely dark, you can hear someone snorting and attacking the dog. In the light of the flashlight, a badger is seen - an ashy gray beast, almost white, with an extended muzzle. He fiercely fights off the four-footed hunter, sometimes turning into an attack. The hunter closes the work, which can take the prey alive or shoot it.

Karelian husky

Unobtrusive in content, small obedientA dog with a developed instinct of a hunter and the presence of outstanding watchdog qualities. Usually used in hunting for fur animals (otter, squirrel, mink, marten), as well as small game. Some representatives of the breed retained a tendency to corral large animals. Purebred Karelian Laika is now a fairly rare breed.

normal dogs


This is a group of girlfriends hunting dogs. Their task is to find and bring the hunted game to the hunter. They are united in the VIII group according to FCI classification. These animals are easy to learn, rare intelligence and versatility. There are six breeds of retrievers in the world:

  • New Scotch;
  • Labrador;
  • curly-haired;
  • straight-haired;
  • chesapeake-bey;
  • golden (golden).

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

They are independent and strong animals that differendurance and possessing special qualities: as ducks, they are able to stay in the water, even ice, for a long time. After bathing, they only need to be shaken off once - and they remain practically dry.

Sizes of the cardboard bay-retriever allowuse it in hunting on water game, mainly in the swamp. It works effectively in reeds and grass. These dogs quickly find game to raise the ducks at a shot distance.

chesapeake bee retriever

Rare breeds of hunting dogs: langhaar

Three types of hunting universal breeds withthe only difference - the length of the wool - was withdrawn in Germany. The German langhaar is a long-haired dog, the dra-haar is a semi-long-haired dog, and the kurtshaar is short-haired. At the same time, the Langhaar was and still remains little-known even among specialists. This dog is practically not mentioned in the list of German cops. Most likely, the appearance of the dog played an unkind service: it's very much that this German pug looks like a setter. The similarity is noticeable even in the photo.

german langhaar

The appearance of the Langhaar is the embodiment of nobility, andbehavior demonstrates high intelligence. The dog is endowed with excellent sense of smell and hearing, can use his natural skills both in work and in games. Today, these dogs are increasingly being raised in Germany as pets.


According to the cynologists, the ideal hunting dog -draathaar. Description and characteristics of the breed allow us to assert that this animal quite successfully combines the functions that are assigned to different hunting dogs. This is an amazing animal, able to discipline and persistently track down game, for a long time to pursue it in the most difficult terrain, without fear of attack (even wild boar) or quietly and very carefully find and in a silent rack "show" the owner of prey.

Drathaar is able to get and very delicately submit a shot duck, even if for this he will have to swim a long distance in the completely icy water.

drachhaar description description

Shikoku (koti-inu)

One of the six Japanese hunting dogs fromregister of the cynological organization of the country. It is quite rare even in its native land breed, and outside it is almost unknown. It was bred in the Middle Ages to hunt wild boar and deer in the highlands. Ferocious and almost wild-looking Japanese shikoku very much resembles the outward wolf: it has the same fast and at the same time smooth movements, and surprising jumping allows it to easily move through the mountains.

Japanese Shikoku

Shikoku - energetic and hardy animals. They have excellent hunting characteristics. These dogs need daily, quite serious physical exertion for walking. They form a close relationship with the owners, provided that they have experience with such animals. Shikoku is very intelligent and energetic, capable of quick learning. Owners note that their pets are carefully watching the owner and are always ready to work.

In relation to people, these dogs are friendly and obedient, but can show aggression towards other pets, so owners need to take seriously early socialization.

Hokkaido (Ainu)

Hokkaido is a breed of dogs whose representativesare used not only as hunters, but also as guards and companions. Animals of medium size, proportional and strong build. The skeleton is powerful, the musculature is embossed, the lines of the body are clear. Dogs of the Hokkaido breed are clever and intelligent, they are obedient and devoted.

Animals have great endurance andThis is shown by dignity and nobility. A luxurious coat allows dogs to adapt to the severe snowy winters. On hunting, Hokkaido is venturesome: they fearlessly enter into a fight with a bear weighing up to 350 kilograms. Recently used in the role of companions, but can be quite aggressive towards strangers.

Hokkaido breed of dogs

These active animals need dailyrather serious physical loads, otherwise all their indomitable energy will be directed to the destructive channel - they will gnaw things, furniture, dig the earth.

The Breton Epineol

The Breton eppaniol refers touniversal. Extremely subtle scent allows representatives to conduct a quick search for prey. Finding it, the dog becomes in the rack. Works great on the water, gently bringing the wicked. Epagnol is indefatigable in his work: he can hunt the entire light day.

rabbit dachshund

As a rule, representatives of this breeduse in hunting for feathered game. Partridge, quail, pheasant are considered the main work for this dog. Hunters celebrate a confident and close work in conjunction with the owner. As a companion, the epaniol is very affectionate and easy to train. But this dog does not tolerate rough treatment and raising the voice of the master.

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