Carpeting for home: prices, photos

Currently, among all types of flooringcoatings the most popular and often used is carpet. It is used for the improvement of both houses and office premises. The main advantage of this flooring is a long service life, which is very important for such a product. Undoubtedly, when you buy a thing, you want it to last as long as possible.

Tips for choosing a floor covering

If you plan to purchase carpetcoating, photos in the catalogs will help you familiarize yourself with the variety of assortment. There you can see the existing colors and materials and choose a suitable model that fits perfectly into the interior of your home. First of all, it should be noted that this flooring for the house is conditionally divided into several categories, depending on certain characteristics. Many people want to know as much information as possible on how to choose a carpet. In this situation, the defining moment should be the place where it is planned to be used. For example, carpeting for a house, if used for its intended purpose, can last approximately 11 years. If you put such things in the office, then the service life will be reduced by about two and a half years. That's why you should always take this into account when making a purchase.

How to choose a carpet

Carpeting for home: popularity at different times

Not so long ago, the abundance of carpets in the house spoke ofwell-being of the owner. In the past, many goods were in short supply. It was also very difficult to buy a carpet. Currently, there are enough of them on sale, and their cost is acceptable. In specialized stores, experienced consultants will certainly pick up carpeting that can satisfy all your wishes. Now, non-free options are very popular. Quite often, buyers prefer the felt and pile carpets, carpet. Very popular carpeting is baby.

Carpet cover children's

For specific projects, exclusive carpets and products are made. The main thing is to remember how to choose a carpet, so that you do not regret buying.

The cost of carpet for today

In the waking time in the shopsA wide selection of floor coverings is available. Depending on the species, the corresponding price is established on them. In this matter, the material from which the product is made plays an important role. In many respects the price of a particular carpet depends on this. Naturally, the material determines the service life of the product, which has a direct bearing on the cost. For example, a low-grade carpet can be bought at a price of $ 10 per square meter. The price range of high-quality products starts at one hundred dollars per square meter.

Installation of an artificial soft coating ontoday will cost about 155 dollars. This is the cost for working in a room of 10 square meters. The lifetime of such a coating is about ten years. In principle, we can say that the price in this case fully corresponds to the quality. If we consider more economical options, then there is the possibility of buying a low-quality product.

The cost of carpets of one type candiffer depending on the supplier. The location of the outlet is also important. For example, the cost of a loop carpet in Ekaterenburg of the company "Leader" is from 250 rubles per square meter. Carpet in Rostov-on-Don can be purchased for 110-590 rubles (1 m2). Such prices are offered by a supplier called "Otec-South". The company "Resonance" sells in Perm carpet household at a price of 250-500 rubles per square meter. Firm "Story-Alliance" offers attention to commercial carpet. Its cost starts from 350 rubles per square meter.

Modern floor coverings

Carpeting and carpeting are characterized bysmall repeating pattern or pattern and unlimited length. They are made of a certain size and specific shapes. For them, a complete artistic composition is typical.

Floor carpeting

If we talk about the differences between carpets andcarpet coverings, it should be noted that the first lay on top of the laminate, parquet or linoleum, and the second - along the entire perimeter of the room and fixed under the baseboard. There are certain products that can be used in both residential buildings and offices. There are also those that are designed for a particular type of room. Floor coverings for the house are made taking into account the small patency, in comparison with commercial. Knowing how to choose the carpet properly, you can avoid common mistakes, and the purchase will bring a lot of joy.

Variety of carpets

Due to the fact that in specializedshops presented a huge variety of floor coverings, they returned the former demand. In addition to modern models, classic carpets are also popular. They are purchased for decoration of bedrooms and private offices. Some prefer exclusive versions for creating in the interior of exquisite design.

Classification of carpet in accordance with destination

Carpeting for home

By designate the household, commercial andsemi-domestic carpet. This division by types was proposed by specialists who work in the field of finishing and construction. Coverage of the first type is used exclusively in living quarters. The second type is intended for office premises, as well as it can be used in shopping centers where there is high traffic. The third kind can be used in premises of residential and public type, which are characterized by low traffic.

Carpeting by manufacture type

Currently, there are three typesCarpet making: tufted, woven, needle-punched. These floor coverings differ substantially in cost. For example, an economical option would be a needle-punched coating. It is very often used in commercial premises recently. Woven type of fabrication is similar to carpet weaving. Its value, in comparison with the rest, will be the highest.

Variety of carpeting depending on the material of manufacture

Carpet covering. A photo

On this basis, floor carpetingare divided into natural and artificial. The type of material depends on the cost of the product. You will not be able to purchase at a low price carpeting for a house made from natural wool. Alternatively, you can pick up something alternative from artificial materials, for example made of nylon, polypropylene or polyester. Such products are characterized by high abrasion resistance. They also do not require special care.

Proper care for carpets

Carpet covering

If you want the product for a long timepleased the eye, it should be properly and regularly looked after. As an option - to clean the carpeting for the house can be with the help elektrovenika. He will remove small debris from the surface of the product. More thorough cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner. Depending on its type, the level of cleaning will be different. For example, if a dry vacuum cleaner only collects dust, the wet cleaner will remove spilled coffee or water. The device with the aquafilter will additionally provide the collection of hair and wool in the room. The washing machine will be able to "pull out" the old spots. The steam cleaner will disinfect the floor covering with steam. With a robot vacuum cleaner, you generally can forget about cleaning.

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