The best cure for children: what is it?

Most young mothers with the slightest coldsbegin to give medicines to children, forgetting that coughing a child with folk remedies is treated much more effectively and safely than antibiotics. But first of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of the cough. Because they can be a huge number. It can accompany catarrhal diseases, acute respiratory viral infections; act as an allergic reaction to the stimulus. Therefore, you need to be very careful to choose the most effective cough remedy for your child.

cough for children
It is also necessary to recognize the signs of dry andwet cough. In the initial stage, dry coughing is frequent, severe and difficult. With a wet cough, the body gets rid of phlegm-purulent-mucous fluids accumulated in the respiratory organs during the period of illness. A remedy for children from coughing should facilitate an early transition from one stage to another, helping the baby's body to get rid of sputum for a quick time.

People's formulas for cough treatment are hugea bunch of. Our grandmothers used the healing powers of herbs, vegetables and fruits, applying them not only in nutrition, but also in the treatment. To date, many folk remedies are available, most importantly - do not forget about them and use them wisely.

A good cough remedy for a child - pine buds. The effect of the application of kidney infusion on milk or water is noticeable already in the first days of its use. For half a liter of boiling milk take 1 tbsp. l. kidney pine. Leave for a couple of hours to brew, water 50 ml infusion for every two hours.

Babies love syrup, made of radish with honey. Apply this tool should be 1 tsp. every 1-2 hours.

good cough for the child

Small children can rub their back, chest, feet badger fat and then wrap it well. When the child sweats, change into other clothes, laying under the blanket.

Children of three years of age can already be treated with badgers' fat for 1 tsp. before meals during the day or purchase it in capsules in a pharmacy kiosk.

Garlic containing phytoncids must be suppressed in order to get a few drops of juice. Then dilute it with water or honey and take it in slowly on an empty stomach.

An excellent remedy for children from coughing - honey-mustard tortillas. They can be used even in the treatment of babies. Taking equal proportions of flour, mustard powder, honey, vodka and olive oil, mix. From the received mass to make pancakes, to lay out them on a fabric and - to a breast and a back of the kid for the night.

Perfectly helps squeeze juice from the leaves of aloe, mixed with melted butter and a piece of honey. Take it within a week several times a day.

effective cough remedy for a child
Tasty and useful remedy for children from cough - the famous gogol-mogol is a mixture of one yolk, grated white with 4-6 teaspoons of sugar. It is taken for 2 tsp. 4 times before meals.

Helps compress with honey, fat and vodka. You need to spread your feet, back and chest, cover with a thick towel.

Another proven tool for children from coughing: boil potatoes along with the peel, mash and make a cake. Then, wrapped in a dense fabric, attach to the breast.

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