Allergy in pregnant women

One of the most common among women inthe state of the disease is considered an allergy. Allergy in pregnancy is statistically found in twenty-five cases out of a hundred. The main reason for the presence of such a disease is the unfavorable environment from the point of view of ecology. Half of all people suffering from allergies on the planet live in settlements with a low standard of living. In general, an allergy is a certain reaction of the entire human body to the effect of any internal or external stimuli. Allergens can be any organisms, viruses or substances. For example, a protein of foreign serums, feathers, wool, some cosmetics, a medicine and much more. All this surrounds each of us almost every second. People who have ever encountered a similar problem, know a lot about the symptoms of an allergy. The most common of these are rash, tear, cough, diarrhea, and the like.

Experts argue that the presence of a strongAllergy to anything is a prohibition to conceive a baby. The reason for this is that during pregnancy all the body's reactions are intensified. That is why the allergy on any term simply simply to be shown even more strongly. Changes in the immune system of a future mother affect the body's response to such stimuli. In addition, quite often the allergy is transmitted to the child by inheritance from the mother. In any case, it is unlikely to affect directly the course of the birth itself. It should be noted that the allergy of the mother is not considered a contraindication to breastfeeding the baby.

Allergy in pregnant women manifests itself in different ways. It can be similar to hives or rhinitis. In the latter case, it is called allergic rhinitis, as it is characterized by difficulty breathing, sneezing and swelling of the nasal mucosa, burning in the pharynx and discharge from the nose. Most often with a strong attack, a woman may suffer from a laryngeal edema, which in turn is accompanied by severe suffocation, hoarseness and constant coughing. If we talk about the reaction of the fetus to such moments, the allergic reaction rarely occurs in the mother and the baby at the same time. Experts explain this by the fact that the organism of the future mother produces the so-called antigens in response to an allergic reaction. These antigens penetrate through the membrane to the fetus, that is, through the placenta. However, the baby experiences other factors. For example, the impact of medications, which for him can be disastrous. These drugs are taken by women during pregnancy, if they suffer from allergies. In addition, the general condition of the future mother, his changes are reflected in the baby. We must not forget one more moment. The fact is that the drugs have a strong effect on the blood supply of the fetus.

If a woman has an allergy withpregnancy, treatment should appoint only a specialist. Do not immediately run to the pharmacy and buy a mountain of medicines. Many of them have a large number of contraindications. One of these contraindications is pregnancy. In addition, quite often the future mothers try to find an answer on the Internet. In doing so, they enter into the search line "allergy in pregnant women, treatment" and hope that they will be able to find answers to all their questions. But sometimes, acting in this way, you can only hurt.

If the allergy in pregnancy occurs, the bestfor the beginning to undertake such actions, as transition to a special hypoallergenic diet. It is necessary to try to avoid contact with those objects, products and things that are the cause of this allergic reaction. After this, urgently need to see a doctor.

Allergy in pregnant women is a curable phenomenon. Undoubtedly, it is better not to take various medications while you are pregnant. However, there are situations when their use is simply necessary, and the health of the mother and the child depends on this. The decision to take medicines can only be made by a specialist and attending physician of a pregnant woman.

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