Why do cats purr and mew?

Why do cats purr? This question is asked not only by children, but also by adults. Some believe that a cat purrs expresses its pleasure or gratitude to the owner.

why cats purr
This, of course, is so, but the pleasure is notthe only reason. Cats are very intelligent animals. They perfectly survive in any situation, they are able to manipulate their masters and always get what they need. Cats are amazing animals: they are the only ones from the big cat family, capable of purring. How they do this is not completely known, but scientists suggest that a pleasant guttural sound occurs when an electrical impulse from the brain is transmitted to the hyoid bones. They begin to vibrate, producing a pleasant soothing sound. Large cats (tigers, cougars, etc.) can not do this: their hypoglossal bones are tightly covered with cartilage, so they are immobile. Maybe a man domesticated a cat, not a puma or a leopard, for her ability to make a pleasant sound? But why do cats purr?

I'm calm and nice

why do cats purr

First of all, about what everyone knows, even those who do notloves cats. It's worth pussy to get a delicious slice, he starts to make a loud mumble. A cat as if thanks the owner for a treat. It also expresses its pleasure when it is stroked and when it is played. Why do cats purr? Because they feel good, calm, tasty and nice.

Do not touch me

Cats can purr and in a dangerous situation. A small domestic animal, having met with a similar, guttural sound makes it clear: I am well-adjusted, I am weak, I will not attack, and you do not touch me. Large dominant cats with purring report that they are friendly and will not attack the enemy. Sometimes cats express a desire to play with a purr.

Murmuring is good for health.

Why do cats purr when they are sick orWounded? In this way they support themselves, generate positive impulses that accelerate recovery. Some animals purring people. They begin to "trample" the sore spot and make a quiet vibrating sound. It calms the person, helps to get rid of the disease.

Why do kittens purr?

 why do kittens purr

The kittens also have a lot of reasons to purr. First, so they call their mother. Secondly, purring and "massage" of my mother's belly stimulate the formation of milk. Finally, in this way the babies express their pleasure and sympathy, inform their mother that they are all right.

Purring with a purring strife

Why do cats purr? To communicate your intentions, express your feelings. A barely audible sound indicates that the cat needs something urgently. A loud rumbling indicates gratitude. And purring cats are used to manipulate the owner. Lovers of cats, especially women, know: before purring, rubbing against their feet and looking into the face of a furry pet can not stand. He will necessarily ask for a tasty morsel or force the landlady to break away from work and pat an insistent but affectionate animal.

Will we talk?

Cats are very fond of and able to communicate. With their meow, they can express any emotion: rage and pleasure, fear and desire to attract attention. Murmuring is the surest way to establish good relations with the outside world.

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