There were bruises under the eyes of the child? The reasons are worth looking for with a doctor

Noticing in one day that their baby has bruises undereyes, parents start to worry outright, trying to understand the reasons for their appearance. But not always the presence of a hematoma indicates some kind of disease, more often it's a little stress or the usual overwork.

Physiological blue

It's unlikely that there are people who do not know thatvery thin skin under the eyes. All the vessels passing through this area appear translucent, and it seems that there are bruises under the eyes of the child. The reasons for what is happening in this case will be useless. If you observe the blue of a newborn, it is most likely its peculiarity. This phenomenon can be caused by genetic predisposition, overfatigue, violation of the regime of activity and rest, or even by malnutrition.

causes of bruises under the eyes of the child

If heredity is to blame for everything, thenwill just have to accept this feature crumbs. And in all other cases he needs help. If your kid is already a schoolboy, he attends not only classes, but also various circles, and spends all his free time in front of a television or computer, then one should not be surprised that there were bruises under the eyes of a child. The reasons for this lie in overwork. It's not difficult to fix the situation: make sure that the child spends enough time outdoors, properly and fully fed and slept at least 9 hours a day.

Signals of the body

But do not think that there is no reason to worry,if you notice the bruises under the eyes of the child. The reasons can not be covered only in overwork. If your baby has an established regime, he spends enough time on the street, does not sit for hours in front of a computer screen or television, then it's worth going to a pediatrician.

Bruises under the eyes of Komarovsky
So, one of the most common causes is anemia. As a result of reducing hemoglobin in the blood, the skin becomes dry, pale, so the vessels become noticeable.

In addition, bruises are a sign of helminthicinvasion. As a result of the vital activity of these parasites, intoxication occurs in the body, microorganisms prevent the normal absorption of vitamins and various nutrients from the products. The main sign of the disease and is blue spots of tender skin, which is located under the eyes. Do not be surprised even if the baby has bruises under his eyes. Kids can also become infected with ascariasis or enterobiosis. Also, blue under the eyes may indicate chronic tonsillitis, allergies, dental disease or vegetovascular dystonia.

Opinion of famous doctors

Pediatrician Komarovsky, to whose opinion nowlistens to many mothers, says that this symptom should be paid attention at least in order to examine the child. So, in itself bruises under the eyes Komarovsky does not consider the problem. But at the same time, he says that this is an excuse to go to the doctor, make an analysis of urine, feces and blood, pass an ultrasound of the kidneys and discuss all the results with your pediatrician.

The baby has bruises under the eyes
If the bruises are barely noticeable, but occasionallybecome more obvious, and at other times practically disappear, then, most likely, this is not a sign of a problem. A small lack of sleep, little stress or an extra hour at the computer may well cause bruises under the eyes of the child. The reasons for these are easily eliminated, the main thing is to give your heir a little more attention and follow his leisure.

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