Allergies in cats. general information

Allergic reactions in pets -it is by no means a rarity. Most often they are exposed to cats and dogs artificially bred or exotic breeds. This is due to the fact that they have weak immunity, and the body is not able to cope with toxins.

cat allergy

Allergies in cats occur as often as urolithiasis. It can be food and non-food. Let's consider each base separately.

Non-food allergy is caused by bitesinsects (including fleas and ticks), pollen of plants, dust, various chemicals, tobacco smoke. It even be a reaction to the dead cells of the human epidermis (more often masculine), which fall into the respiratory tract of the animal.

Allergies in a cat, like a person, can manifest in mild or severe form. Especially strong reaction is to vinegars of bees and wasps.

If fleas are the source of allergy, you will not only have to treat the animal,

allergy in cats
but also to process all living quarters. The fact that these parasites most of the time lead outside their "master." Repeat cleaning will have 3-4 times with interruptions for 7-10 days.

Cat allergy to food meetsmuch more often. This can be a reaction to special ready-made food and canned food, and even to natural products. Most often as an allergen are proteins of the animal (meat, eggs, milk), but sometimes vegetable (cereals).

Unfortunately, to identify the causes of painfulthe state of our pet in such situations is not always easy. This will take time, because finally the toxins from the body of the animal can be excreted for three months. Virtually all cats have a negative reaction to citrus fruits. Although she also meets other pets.

Allergies in a cat can be manifested as follows:

- on the skin of the animal there are irritations, it constantly itches and rubs against various objects;

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- may appear sores, red spots and scratching;

- hair begins to fall out;

- there is a digestive disorder;

- there is peeling and itching;

- the cat begins to sneeze, eyes can swell.

A particularly dangerous manifestation of allergies can be the following reactions:

- Quincke's edema, which usually happens with bitesof insects. First, there is burning around the eyes, ears and mouth. Then the rash may begin, and only after that the animal begins to swell. In this situation, the pet needs urgent medical help, otherwise he may die;

- anaphylactic shock manifests itself muchfaster. The animal can lose consciousness immediately after the vinegar of the insect or the introduction of the drug into the body. Interruptions to the heart also begin. The cat needs to be resuscitated immediately. At home, it is impossible to save an animal.

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An allergy in a cat can manifest at any time. Reaction is possible even for products that used to constitute the main diet. In any case, you should not treat yourself, because such symptoms can occur in other diseases.

If the cause of the disease is food,then in order to prevent the need to arrange a pet course of hypoallergenic diet (no less than a month). Any store for cats in this situation can offer special food.

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