What is Mantoux (inoculation) for? Sizes as per norm

Perhaps it is impossible to find a single person who at least once in his entire life did not try Mantoux. As a rule, in all school institutions this

mantu grafting dimensions
the procedure is mandatory. Mantoux - vaccination, the size of which shows how much the human body contains immune cells that determine the presence of a tubercle bacillus. And from the fact how many of them there are, the vaccination reaction will be greater.

Features of vaccination

Usually after subcutaneousinjection of a special vaccine, on the second and less often on the third day in that place appears a specific seal. This reddening of the round form and a reddish shade, in an insignificant degree allocated on a surface of a skin. Mantoux vaccination, the size of which is analyzed after seventy-two hours, and this is considered the most reliable information. Therefore, she is inspected by a specialist during this period.

What do the vaccine sizes mean

inoculation of mantle sizes in children

The reaction to the Mantoux test is the result,which shows a healthy person or he needs an additional, more complete examination. The diameter of the compaction is the size of the Mantoux vaccine, the norm is determined by its boundaries, and the redness around the so-called "buttonhole" is not taken into account. If the papule is absent, pigmentation can be recorded as a result. The Mantoux reaction should be measured using a transparent ruler. Distinguish the following results:

  • Negative reaction. It is determined when the seal has a size of 0-1 mm. Usually this is the trace from the injection.
  • The reaction is doubtful in the case of seal sizes from 2 to 4 mm, and if it is together, like redness, is absent.
  • If the reaction of the seal boundary is positiveare clearly expressed, and the dimensions reach a diameter of 5 mm and more. Mantoux vaccine sizes in children are as follows: with a slightly positive reaction - from 5 to 9 mm, medium intensive - from 10 to 14 mm, expressed - from 15 to 16 mm.
  • With a strong reaction, the seal size is 17 mm.

When the result was positive

When done Mantoux (inoculation), the dimensions by whichit must correspond with a negative result, known, it remains to wait for the conclusion of a specialist. A person always hopes for the best and in this case is quite sure that his child is completely healthy. What should I do when the answer is positive?

Do not panic and prepare for the worst. After all, even if there was a positive reaction, this is not a confirmation of the presence of such a disease as tuberculosis. In the child's body there is this rod, but the child is not contagious, since the bacterium is not transmitted by blood.

size of vaccination mantle norm
Spread the disease airborne way people who have a disease of tuberculosis.

This means that the child isinfected, but not sick and unable to infect others, because its immunity is able to inhibit microbes. If the child was given Mantoux (vaccination), the size of which, when tested, showed a positive result, they should be registered with the phthisiatrician and under his supervision. At the same time, they are not forbidden to attend school and preschool institutions.

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