How to inject a cat intramuscularly? Tips and Tricks

How to inject a cat intramuscularly
Domestic cats, like humans, are prone todiseases, and a rare owner can boast that he has never given medical assistance to his pet. For successful, and most importantly, surgical treatment is better to use injections, that is, injections, since the animal is most likely not to eat pills, but to force them by force is a mockery of both the pet and the self. To carry out this procedure is much easier than it seems at first glance. In this article, we will talk about how to inject a cat intramuscularly. Also give some recommendations that will help you cope with this difficult situation.

How to inject a cat intramuscularly? Preparation for injection

Regarding the choice of medication you needconsult with a veterinarian, and you should trust him with the procedure for administering the solution to the animal if you have never done anything in your life. After all, inexperience in such a situation can be fraught with consequences. Syringes for injection are better to choose insulin, because they have a fairly thin needle, which will enter the muscle almost painlessly. If your cat - the creation is calm and does not differ violent temper, then the injection you can

how to put a prick to a cat intramuscularly
do it yourself. But if the animal is inclined to aggression and restless, it is better to call for help at least one more person.

How to inject a cat intramuscularly?

To begin with, the cat needs to be seated in such a way that, even with a strong desire, it can not escape. There are two ways to do this:

  • kneel, bed or chair and press it to the surface, holding the paws;
  • To sit the pet on such a surface, so that he claws at her, and slowly remove it from him (thereby he will more strongly vopetsya). In this turmoil you can inject.

So, when the cat is ready for the procedure, it's timego to the most responsible step. How to inject a cat intramuscularly? Be sure to put rubber gloves on your hands to prevent infection. To determine the injection site for the hind paw, mentally divide into four parts. The injection should be done in a quarter located on the top from the side of the tail, or in the border area between the lower and upper zone. The needle must be parallel to the surface and in no case perpendicular. Sticking it is sharp and not deep, otherwise you run the risk of touching the bone and damaging it. The procedure for administering the medicine itself must be quick and instant, so that the animal does not have time to recover and begin to resist. Be sure that there is no air in the syringe before taking an injection.

How to inject a cat intramuscularly
How to inject a cat intramuscularly? Advice

  • If you have a choice - to treat an animaltablets or injections, without hesitation, choose the second option. The medicinal composition injected into the muscle will start to act faster, which means that the animal will also feel better.
  • Use the medication in the syringe before fixing the animal.
  • To save the psyche of your cat, do not show her a syringe - she quickly realizes that it will be applied to her, and will begin to panic.

That's all, now you know how to put a prick into a cat intramuscularly. Love your pets and watch their health so as not to resort to medication.

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