How to wash fuel oil and whether it can be done at all?

Those who had to wash off the fuel oil stain,there is no need to tell how difficult this process is, and even it may not give the necessary results. Usually the older the fuel oil stain, the less chance it will lead, but still it is worth trying.

than to wash fuel oil

How to start cleaning clothes?

First of all, this process should be testedon the back seam. When processing the stain, it is also necessary to process the thing around it, so that no traces of contamination remain, and to increase the chances of cleaning.

After reading this article, you will understand what to washfuel oil. In addition, in order to not smudge the stain even more and not to stain the clothes in other places, it is necessary to remove the fuel oil in a circular motion, moving gradually from the edge to the center. Before you start cleaning, it is necessary to put a hard surface under the underside of clothing in the area of ​​the stain, which must first be wrapped around with a clean cloth or gauze. In order to resist less fuel, it must be started as soon as possible after you notice it. It is necessary to treat the stain with gasoline or a solvent with cotton wool or a tampon. Do not forget to regularly change the tampon as it gets dirty, otherwise the stain will spread even more.

wash oil
After removing stains, clothes should be soakedin a solution specially designed for white laundry, after which wash the fuel oil by hand. This will not spoil the machine smell of gasoline. If you do not know what can be washed with fuel oil, another option is to fight the laundry soap with glycerin or the usual butter that needs to spread the stain, and after 30 minutes wash clothes in powder.

Another means of removing fuel oil spotsis eucalyptus oil, which must be applied to the stain, rubbed with a cotton swab until the contamination disappears. Then clothes should be washed. You can also use butter or margarine first, and then treat the stain with gasoline and stretch the thing. Do not forget also that gasoline or a solvent does not have the most pleasant smell, so all these manipulations are desirable to be done quickly and in a well-ventilated room.

than it is possible to wash fuel oil

Home remedies against oil fouling

Some landladies know what to wash off fuel oil, andoffer their own methods of dealing with oil stains, using paper with high absorbency, which should be carried out with a hot iron in the spot area several times. The bulk of the fuel oil will be on paper, after which you can easily remove all residues using a brush and eucalyptus oil. Some prefer caustic soda, which can be purchased at hardware stores. In this case, clothes should be washed in a solution of this substance, before washing the fuel oil in powder.

Also in the fight against this problem will help whiteclay and dry starch, which are mixed with one teaspoon, adding a few drops of ammonia and turpentine to the solution. The resulting mixture must be rubbed into the stain. After drying, the place of contamination must be treated with a brush, which in this case is more effective than washing the fuel oil (at least, try) with your hands. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

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