How to wash white stains from deodorant on clothes

Producers of many antiperspirants with priderepresent novelties, which, if you believe in advertising, provide dry armpits and do not leave stains on clothes. However, promising advertising, unfortunately, does not always correspond to reality. Disappointment in the "achievements" of the cosmetic industry comes after the second or third application of a promising means. And to the question connected with wet armpits, one more is added: "How to wash white stains from a deodorant?"

how to wash white stains from deodorant

Easier to prevent than to remove

As they say, it is easier to warn than to withdrawspot. How to avoid the appearance of traces of deodorant on clothes? The first rule: do not apply a large amount of funds to the armpits. This does not enhance the antiperspirant effect in any way. The second rule: apply the remedy against sweat only on clean and dry skin. The third, no less important rule: wait for the complete drying of the antiperspirant layer applied to the skin. If the design of the dress allows, then the deodorant is best applied after you put it on. Thus, you do not have to think about how to wash the white stains from the deodorant, which are chaotically placed on your favorite outfit in the process of putting on. Also, preference should be given to agents with a transparent gelatinous consistency. However, even a complete adherence to these rules does not exclude the possibility of stains on clothes. Characteristic for white shirts, yellow spots and white marks on the surface of the fabric of black make you leave your favorite wardrobe items ahead of time. But if you know how to remove stains of this kind, you can easily return the product to a decent appearance.

than to remove the stain

White trace remover

How to wash white stains from deodorant with blackand colored clothes? In this case, effective means often come to the rescue. However, it is not always clear how the tissue reacts to their effects. Therefore, you should try the selected stain remover on an inconspicuous area of ​​the product. On dark clothes, the deodorant marks are visible right away. And then the usual wet wipes will do their best. Having rubbed the appeared spot from the contour to the center, you will not have to think afterwards about how to wash the white stains from the deodorant, which in the process of putting on appear in the most unexpected places of clothing.

Salt in the fight against stains

than to remove stains

Defeat the tracks from the deodorant will help the nextsolution. One liter of water should be diluted with two tablespoons of table salt. In the finished product, the product should be soaked for a while. After that, as usual, wash, rinse and dry. You can simply rub the problem area with a moist salt. Sometimes it helps and the usual soaking clothes in warm water. But this is only if the spots are fresh.

Old age stains from deodorant

Old, stale spots always deliver a lothassle. But the traces of the use of funds from sweat practically do not lend themselves to the excretion of ordinary soapy water. In the fight against them, you have to connect more effective methods. So, to get rid of yellow traces on white clothes, you can use the following composition: a means for dishes "Fairies", baking soda, hydrogen peroxide. Given the fact that each of these tools can alone cope with spots of varying complexity, you can rely on an effective result after using this mixture. Peroxide and baking soda should be taken at 4 and 2 tbsp. l. respectively, but the detergent will be enough and one teaspoon. I hope the above recommendations help to win the heel of deodorant. Dry your underarms and clothes without stains!

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