Why do children suck a finger and how to deal with it?

One of the important reflexes of newborns -sucking. It is very important that he is satisfied. If my mother suddenly noticed that the child began to suck a finger, then it is necessary to think about the fact that the baby does not suck a little breast or pacifier.

children suck a finger
Every child is different. Needs, of course, also all manifest themselves in different ways. One kid can suck his breast for about 15 minutes, and this will be enough for him, but for another it will take at least half an hour. Gradually, this need will decrease, but it is also unknown when your child will refuse to suck at all - perhaps by the year, and maybe a little later.

Normal behavior can be considered when the baby sends fingers to the mouth before feeding. He's just hungry. But if children suck a finger in between meals, you should think about it.

baby sucking a thumb
Babies mothers breastfeed, seldomreplace it with a cam. Currently, pediatricians recommend feeding at the request of the child, so the sucking reflex of the baby is completely satisfied. With artificial feeding, children suck a finger much more often. It is important to choose the right nipple, which is put on a bottle with a mixture. The hole in it should be such that the liquid baby "extracted" by droplets. First, otherwise, the child may be drowned. Secondly, he will suck the bottle longer. Also, in this case, you do not need to rush to reduce the number of feedings.

When children suck a finger, you should offer thempacifier. This, first, is more hygienic. Secondly, her sucking does not affect the baby's growing teeth so much. And the so-called "orthopedic" pacifiers contribute to the formation of a normal bite in a baby.

the child began to suck a finger
Very often children suck a finger in the period whentheir teeth are chopped. Gums itch, it's very troubling to the baby, and he pulls everything in his mouth, including pens. That such behavior does not become a norm for the child, it is necessary to use special means. To remove the pain and itching, the medicinal gels "Kalgel" or "Kamistad" will help. Also it is possible to offer the child toys-teethers. Usually such things are filled with a special gel, which can be cooled, which helps to remove discomfort.

But what if a more adult baby sucksthumb? Why is this happening? As already mentioned, the baby's need for sucking can fade at different times. That is why now many people advise not to stop breastfeeding the baby until such time as he himself refuses.

If the baby is already over a year, then sucking for himIs a kind of sedative. It does not matter what it is: breasts, bottles or pacifiers. The finger becomes a sort of their substitute. He can send it to his mouth when he is tired or wants to fall asleep.

If your child sucks a finger, do not stand on himbe angry. Maybe he's just bored. Try to make his pastime more interesting and pleasant. Remember that this habit goes by itself, but not overnight. Although some measures you can take too. For example, to bandage a finger. Perhaps, in this form, he does not like the kid.

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