Hairdresser's accessories - for smart hands

Once the barber-virtuoso spoke abouttools like this: "Shears the most unskilful scissors, and try to do a good job bad". Hence, if the hairdresser's accessories mean a lot for haircuts, coloring and other activities, the most important thing is skillful hands.

Required minimum

Without which you can not start work? A master apron, a negligent to the client, a paper tape under the collar, a water sprayer, hair clips, a pair of scissors and a comb are required. Why do you need these hairdresser accessories?

The apron is required for the master in hygienicconsiderations. At a hairstyle, coloring and chemical processing of hair any splashes can get on the hairdresser and to spoil its clothes. In addition, the client's hair remains necessarily on him. With an apron, they just slip, although some will linger in their pockets, it's inevitable.

Hairdressing Supplies

Peignoir client is needed primarily to protect his clothes from the hair that the master is cutting. Secondly, he hides it from the chemicals that are used by the hairdresser.

Paper tape under the collar. She, closely adjoining to a neck, does not allow hair to get under a peignoir.

Water spray. Dry hair is sheared only by a machine, as it is electric. Wet hair is easier combed comb on a strand of the necessary thickness. They lie right between the fingers of the hairdresser.

Hair clips are needed to divide the head hair into zones and properly hold a haircut.

Two pairs of scissors. Some are needed for a haircut. Another pair with one serrated blade and another straight is necessary for the final treatment of the hair, so that they lie more easily in the hairstyle.

hairdresser's tools
The scissors are very careful. If they are dropped, then they are not suitable for further work.

Comb. Usually the master selects a comb, which he likes best. But there are certain rules. For female hair, it should be wider than for the male.

It is these hairdressing tools that are needed for the initial work.

We expand the number of instruments

The client sits down in the chair to the hairdresser, and he wantsdye your hair or do a high or a perm. Here you need extra hairdresser accessories. Let's say a lady or a young man needs to change the color of her hair. What is required? What are the hairdresser's accessories? Gloves, plastic, not metal, stress, clips, paint brush, plastic container for paint, hair dryer with a narrow bell.

Work is always done in gloves, so thatto paint their hands and there was no harmful effect of chemicals with which the hairdresser faces more than once per day of work. In general, this protection is primarily from allergies and aesthetic reasons.

Hair is fixed only by plastic clips, since the latter are resistant to reagents and do not enter into chemical reactions with paints.

The container for mixing the dye and oxidant for the same reasons must be made of plastic.

hairdresser's scissors

Brush to apply paint on the hair, can be one wide or two. Then the second will be narrow, it is convenient to apply paint in the area of ​​the ears.

A hair dryer is needed to dry the hair after such a deep moistening. Under no circumstances should the client let go to the street with a wet head.


What other hairdressing supplies are needed? Measuring cup, paper for chemistry, bobbins, two plastic bowls, a sponge, a hood-insulation.

Strands of hair, wrapped in special paper, wind on bobbin.

In one plastic bowl pour the solution for a chemical wave and apply the sponge to the prepared hair.

They put a cap on their heads, which raises the temperature on the head, more precisely, does not let out heat from it.

With a measuring cup, the preparations necessary for fixing the chemical composition are dosed. In this case, the liquid is poured into another bowl. They are never confused, even after washing.


A cap for highlighting from latex, metalhook. This is for more experienced masters, and you can not specify how these items are used. If the client's hair is long, then a foil is needed for highlighting.

Hairdressing tools

This, of course, combs of different types, clippers and shaving tools, curlers and bobbins, brashingi, hairdryers, hairdresser's scissors.

Consider scissors - one of the most importanttools. Handle them with extreme care, nothing but hair, do not cut and do not cut. They should be stored in special cases. Everything is directed to ensure that they are not prematurely blunted. As a rule, they have a tail at the ring.

set of hairdresser
All this was said about straight scissors. Auxiliary function is played by thinning scissors, in which one or both webs are serrated. They are used to complete the cutting of thick heavy hair. Both types of scissors should be in the arsenal of the master.

Only from all the above tools can make a complete set of hairdressers.

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