Pink lichen in a child: treatment gives good results

The appearance of a rough spot on the skin can indicate that it is pink lichen.

pink deprive in a child treatment
At the child treatment of this disease shouldconduct a dermatologist. Although this kind of lichen is considered harmless, non-contagious and even sometimes passes by itself, the expert should diagnose, excluding other types of dermatological diseases.

Pink lichen in children: symptoms

Often the child does not express any complaints,because the stain does not itch and does not hurt. Parents mistakenly believe that this is an allergic reaction. However, after about a week on the skin integument appear smaller in diameter spots. By the way, they can be located far from the plaque, which originated first. Subsequent rashes have the property of slightly itching.

Basically, such a disease affects people from 10up to 40 years. Other age categories are much less likely to encounter this problem. Why? Doctors can not give a clear answer to this question. It is difficult to determine the causes of the disease, such as pink lichen in a child, whose treatment is usually not causing much difficulty.

pink lichen in children symptoms
Doctors noted that very rarely symptoms similar toon a catarrhal disease, may occur a few days before the appearance of the first plaque. The spot has a color from pale pink to purple hue (depending on skin color). Basically appears in the area of ​​the body or on the hips. Other parts of the body are also no exception. But such cases were very rare. It is worth adding that the occurrence of deprivation is increasing in the spring and autumn periods. How does pink deprive (photo) in children, should all parents know. This contributes to timely treatment of a dermatologist.

pink lichen photo in children
Pink lichen in a child: treatment

As you know, the right treatment should bestart with the diagnosis. It is conducted by a dermatologist through a visual evaluation of the rashes. To confirm the diagnosis and exclude other types of diseases make scraping from the affected areas. This is necessary to hold necessarily, as pink lichen is similar to shearing, psoriasis or eczema.

After the diagnosis is made, the expert appointstreatment, which will depend on the amount of rashes. If the stains cause itching, then the doctor prescribes medications in the form of ointments or syrup, which have a calming effect - antihistamines.

Typically, pink lichen in a child, treating itand diagnostics, do not cause difficulties for experienced specialists. However, the process of recovery may take several months. For medical purposes, the effect of light rays on the skin is used. In spring or summer it is recommended to take sunbathing. And in the cold season, the doctor conducts sessions of ultraviolet light on the affected areas. Such procedures are carried out strictly under the supervision of a specialist.

There are still no clear reasons for thisthe appearance of pink lichen. Presumably, people with weakened immunity, those suffering severe infectious diseases or subjected to hypothermia, are at risk. Take care of yourself and your children!

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