Should I take Verapamil in pregnancy?

Such drugs, like Verapamil, incommon people are called "heart" drugs, although their action is quite complex. Such drugs can not be taken alone, without consulting a doctor.

Any pregnant woman before startingreception of this or that drug, will necessarily reflect on its safety for the future child. This anxiety is quite justified, because uncontrolled intake of various medications during pregnancy can adversely affect not only your health, but also the condition of the fetus. It's great when the expectant mother has great well-being, and she does not need any medicines to feel great. But, unfortunately, not all pregnant women have great well-being. With any questions you are interested in, you can always contact your doctor-gynecologist for advice. This article will consider the use of drugs Verapamil and Ginipral during pregnancy, as they are often found in the lists of prescriptions.

Preparation of verapamil in pregnancy

Medicinal drug Verapamil in pregnancyprescribe for the purpose of affecting the cardiovascular system. He belongs to the group of calcium antagonists. At pregnant women the volume of circulating blood in an organism increases, in this connection the load on heart grows. Often, future moms have various heart rhythm disorders. This is manifested by symptoms such as pressing pain in the heart, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat. Also, some women experience increased blood pressure. Occasional hypertensive crises are also possible. Attacks of variant or combined angina and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are not excluded. For the treatment of these diseases, as well as the relief of conditions that pose an immediate threat to the life of the mother and child, and use Verapamil in pregnancy.

Sometimes, using Verapamil during pregnancy, this iscan be accompanied by conditions in which the tone of the uterus increases. That often leads to the threat of miscarriage and miscarriage until the due date. During this period, a woman can feel drawing pains in the lumbar region and in the lower abdomen, vaginal discharge. The tone of the uterus can be observed both at the beginning and at the end of pregnancy. To remove this condition, the drug Ginipral is widely used. One of the undesirable accompanying of his actions is a significant increase in heart rate. This condition is undesirable for either the mother or the fetus. In order to avoid this, the joint administration of such drugs as Verapamil and Ginipral is used. In pregnancy, this is the most commonly used combination of drugs.

To accept or not?

Whether or not Veramapil is needed, its application canbe due only to the appointment of your doctor. Dosage is regulated and selected individually, depending on the frequency and severity of the symptoms. As for the influence of food on the reception of this drug, it should be noted one important feature - during a meal they drink the tablet Verapamil. The application of ginipral is carried out after a half an hour.

Before the doctor appoints you verapamil forpregnancy, he must necessarily assess the degree of risk to the fetus and the possible threat that can arise if you refuse to take this medication. Having weighed all the pros and cons, he will make the best decision for you and the future baby. The experience of prescribing this drug to pregnant women is great enough. Contraindicated verapamil when breastfeeding and in the first trimester of pregnancy. At the same time, studies that study the effect of the drug Verapamil on the fetus have not yet been carried out, and it is difficult to fully appreciate any risks with absolute certainty.

Only a competent and knowledgeable specialist will be able, after carrying out research, to answer whether you should take Verapamil or not. Trust your PCP

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