How should morning exercises for the child take place?

Both an adult and a child need to dophysical exercises. A fizzaryadka in the morning is especially useful. After all, it not only sets the tone for the whole day, but shakes it from a night's sleep, it is a kind of stimulus for a good mood, cheerfulness and optimism. Charge recommended to deal with people from childhood to advanced years.

Useful action of gymnastics

morning exercises for the baby
It is important for parents to learn that morning exercises forthe child will subsequently render invaluable service: he will teach discipline, independence, attention, improve coordination. In addition, it is a remarkable prevention of various diseases. There are some rules for doing gymnastic exercises:

  1. Gymnastics should be performed every day, on an empty stomach and preferably at the same time. An exception is poor health.
  2. Before gymnastics it is necessary to ventilate the room.
  3. Classes need to be performed to the accompaniment of cheerful favorite music, then the kid will receive a charge of vivacity and fun.
  4. Do exercises should be in clothes that do not constrain movement: a tank top, briefs, socks.
  5. The charge is important to do together with the baby, since the children do not understand the ear of the team, so they better "show" the exercises.
  6. Do gymnastics should be in game mode.
  7. Do not require accuracy in the movements of the child. For erroneous movements you can scoff and offer to do "like a mother," and for good ones - to praise.
  8. To classes, you should add your favorite toys, as well as some gymnastic equipment: a skipping rope, a ball, a hoop.
  9. It is important that morning exercises for the childpassed in a mode of repetition, then after a while the baby will feel like a connoisseur of the matter. You can even ask him to show an example of "how best to do."
  10. To begin gymnastics follows from a walk, and to finish with calming smooth exercises.
  11. It is necessary to choose such complexity of employment, which the child's organism and age can admit. As the baby grows, it rises.
  12. In the process of gymnastics, it is necessary to identify "weak places", on which it is necessary to focus attention and work on improvement.
  13. To finish physical training you need water procedures. Classes and water will temper your baby for life.
  14. Parents need to remember the golden rule: "morning exercises for the child should be a joy, not a test of strength."

Is there any harm from charging?

Is it worth to load the child in the morning
Opinions on the benefits and harms of morning exercisesdiverge. Parents ask: "Is it worth it to load the child in the morning or is it better to train at another time of the day?" Some doctors believe that the load on the body that has just awakened from sleep can not be useful. There is a risk of pulling the muscles or getting a sprain. Therefore, before the start of training, it is necessary to "wake up": get up, walk, wash, prepare the body and mind. Remember that the morning exercise for the baby should begin after a gradual transition from waking to waking.

Take care of the health of your children and be healthy yourself!

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