How to remove a stain?

We all know the wisdom of the people from childhood,saying that a person is met by clothing. Therefore, things should always be clean, neat and tidy. However, often there are situations when on your favorite clothes suddenly there is a stain. In this case, do not rush to part with smeared things. After all, there are a lot of ways to know how to remove a stain. However, before starting the "restoration" of clothes, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with simple rules that help to significantly facilitate this process, while making it as efficient as possible:

  • get rid of contamination on clothes should be in good daylight;
  • so that the so-called "halo" does not appear around the spot, it is necessary to moisten the cloth with water;
  • rub the impurities recommended by rotational movements from edge to center;
  • removal of old spots will take a long time. The elimination procedure must be repeated three times, each time washing the tissue with water. This will allow to wash off some of the dirt along with the cleaning agent;
  • when removing stains with the help of householdchemical agent, you should test this substance on a similar fabric or inner seam of stained clothing. With the help of this procedure it is possible to evaluate the degree of effectiveness of the drug and to make sure its safety for a given matter;
  • Do not mix several remedies with clothes.

Than to deduce or remove a fat stain?

In order not to transfer the dirt to other parts of the fabric,a clean towel should be placed on the work surface. On it it is necessary to put clothes a stain upwards. Then you need to get soaked with a napkin (but do not rub it), this will remove some of the fat from your clothes. How to remove a stain? The contaminated area must be well covered with some absorbent (talc, starch, soda, chalk, powder) and slightly press it into the fabric. It is recommended to leave clothes with powder for the night. In the morning, remove the absorbent and treat the thing using the following acceptable methods:

  • on a greasy stain should be poured a little dishwashing liquid and put off your clothes for 10 minutes. After this, the thing needs to be washed with water;
  • when removing greasy soils, paste, which is spaced from water and the same amount of detergent, works well. The mixture should be applied to the stain for thirty minutes before washing;
  • it is possible to soak the contaminated tissue in vinegar mixed with water in a 1: 1 ratio. After that, the tissue must be rinsed.

How to remove stains when washing in a typewriter?

The preprocessing department shouldpour 20 grams of ammonia. In addition to the detergent, you also need to add 250 gr. above means and turn on the washing machine for the desired mode.

How to remove stains from sweat?

  • get rid of the yellow dirtmice can be thanks to ammonia solution and gasoline. First you need to put on the stain gasoline, then wipe it with a tissue moistened with ammonia solution. Particular attention should be given to contours of pollution. If they are not treated properly, then after drying, they can reappear on clothes. After removing stains, you must always wash with a powder;
  • weak sweat spots are recommendeda napkin moistened in a solution of hydrogen peroxide (three percent). After this, the thing must be washed in soapy water, rinsed and hung in the sun;
  • how to remove the stain from sweat? This can help acetylsalicylic acid. Two tablets of the drug must be crushed to obtain a powdery mass and stir in half a glass of water. A tissue moistened in this solution should be gently wiped off the stain and leave the thing to lie down for several hours. After washing the dirt will disappear.
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