A social educator is a specialist who helps children and adolescents to socialize in society

Social pedagogy is an industry that considersThe process of education through the prism of social phenomena, characteristic of society. Each individual person develops in a certain environment, where there are foundations, moral principles, stereotypes, priorities. A person can not exist separately from the society, moreover, he actively influences others, bringing his own attitude to the nearest "microcosm". This process is mutual and interrelated. A person can obey the requirements of the environment, or the environment will have to accept a person as he is.

social educator is
A social pedagogue is a specialist whohelps children and adolescents to socialize in society, find their place in it, while remaining an independent person. This definition shows an ideal picture in terms of upbringing, something that all professionals working with children should strive for. In practice, the social pedagogue is a person who, at school, monitors dysfunctional families and the prevention of violations among children. The purpose of this work is to teach children to resist disorganizing conditions.

The activities of the social teacher at school andother educational institutions is to study a certain family, identify problems in this cell of society, find ways to solve difficult situations, and coordinate the work along a given route. Again, we are talking about the job responsibilities prescribed in the position of the educational institution. In real life, the picture is somewhat different.

activity of the social teacher

In reality, the social pedagogue isa person who becomes a "scapegoat" in solving many problems. On the one hand, professional duties and expectations of the society associated with the achievement of certain goals. On the other hand, the complete reluctance of a particular troubled family to solve their problems. After all, the contingent with which the specialist works is asocial families with drinking parents, half of whom are sure that they are deeply unhappy people, offended by life. The other half is from the category of "unlucky", who do not give a damn about anything, including their children. It is clear that the moral and moral education of children from this environment is comparable with the feat, because the child living in these conditions, considers them normal and often follows in the footsteps of the parents. Only the units are adequately aware of their situation and try to correct it. The most interesting is that they often achieve great results, because motivation is a very powerful thing.

report of the social pedagogue

You can not let go of your hands in any case: if you do not fight negative social phenomena, they will swallow the whole society. If it is possible to normalize the lives of even a few families, this is a victory.

A social educator is a person whose workcan not be estimated by estimates in the journal, it is impossible to demonstrate its effectiveness. It is a daily hard work, bearing fruit only after a long time. But the authorities do not prove it, they require clarity and numbers.

The report of the social pedagogue is on the listnomenclature of affairs of the expert. It includes federal, regional legislative acts regulating this type of activity; official duties; a prospective work plan (where without it), which includes the planning of group and individual work; a program of action on certain situations, the prevention of offenses; a card file for children with whom the specialist works; recommendations for parents and teachers.

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