Social partnership in the world of work

Russian social partnership in the world of workis reflected in the Labor Code. Particular attention is paid to the social and economic life of the country. The term "social partnership" means a system of relationships between state, local authorities, employers and employees. The purpose of the article of the law is to ensure the coordination of the interests of employers and employees in matters of regulating labor and other relations. Employers and employees are parties to the partnership in the person of authorized representatives of the established order.

According to the labor legislation, the social partnership system has several levels:

  1. The federal level. It discusses the basics of regulating relations in the labor sphere.

  2. Regional level. Serves to determine the order of regulation by the subjects of the Federation in accordance with the existing powers.

  3. Territorial level has an effect on the territory of the city, district.

  4. Local level. At this level, regulation of mutual relations between employers and employees in the organization is carried out.

  5. Branch level is carried out by sectoral regulation.

The principles of social partnership are intra-sectoral and include the following issues:

  • equal actions between the parties;
  • consideration of common interests and respect between the parties;
  • interest in participating in contractual relations of both parties;
  • state assistance in the development and strengthening of democratic social partnership;
  • management of the "Legislation of the Russian Federation" and other legal regulations of the parties and their representatives;
  • Presence of powers of representatives of the parties;
  • The possibility of free choice when discussing issues related to the labor sphere;
  • acceptance of obligations by the parties on a voluntary basis;
  • the reality of the implementation of commitments;
  • obligatory observance of the Collective Agreement;
  • the organization of control over the observance of agreements and agreements in the collective;
  • responsibility of the parties and their representatives in case of failure to fulfill collective agreements and contracts through their fault.

According to the "Labor Code" representatives of employeesare trade unions. Social partnership in the world of work implies the existence of commissions as the bodies of social partnership. The commissions should work to regulate the relations of social and labor at the levels of the partner system. Achieving the consent of opposing interests through negotiation, the elimination of complex problems between employers and employees is what makes social partnership in the world of work. A vote is taken by voting the commission's parties. In case of disputes between the parties of the bodies, a protocol of disagreements is drawn up. It is resolved in accordance with the procedure for resolving disputes.

Social partnership in the world of work reachestheir goals through the application of collective bargaining, mutual consultations, the participation of workers, as well as representatives in the management field. Industrial democracy is a form of partnership.

Recently in our country there have beenpolitical changes. The transition in the economy to market relations gave rise to changes in the issues of social partnership. This led to the emergence of a new type of legal contracts and acts. Documents allow to expand contractual regulation in labor issues. Presently, agreements are concluded not only at the level of the organization, but also with the help of the subjects of the Federation. A legal partnership act aimed at establishing general principles of labor regulation has become a social partnership agreement. It is concluded between representatives of employers and employees at various levels: territorial, federal, regional, sectoral.

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