Ural Automobile Plant: history. Types of products, photos

Automobile industry in Russia is constantly developing. To date, in our country there are 16 plants of this specialization. One of the largest machine building enterprises is the Ural Automobile Plant (UralAz), which mainly produces trucks.

When the plant was organized

The history of "UralAz" leads from 30.12.1941. It was then that the State Defense Committee of the USSR made a decision to establish a foundry in Miass, the production facility of which was evacuated from Moscow from the plant. Stalin (ZiS). The installation of the new plant equipment went straight from the wheels literally under the open sky. At the same time, the factory buildings were erected. The first shop of the new enterprise began functioning in the spring of 1942. A month after the start-up of the plant, its first products also came out - gear boxes for tanks and engines.

Ural Automobile Plant

Global Transformations

More than a year Miass Motor Plant producedonly accessories. However, the country urgently needed cars. Therefore, by order of the same Defense Committee of 14.02.43, the enterprise was transformed into the Ural Automobile Plant named after. Stalin ("UralZiS"). Miass, the old provincial town of gold miners, merchants and artisans, suddenly turned into the Urals capital of heavy engineering trucks.

First truck

Too long the new products of the newly educatedenterprises did not have to wait for the country. Already by 27.05.1944 the conveyor of the enterprise was put into operation, and the first car came off it on July 8, 1944. 20.07 a whole batch of brand-new ZiS-5B went to the front. September 30, 1944 a thousandth car was assembled at the enterprise.

History of the Ural Automobile Plantis inextricably linked with the Second World War. In the war years, the company's trucks were widely used on all fronts and were considered very reliable. With cabs made of wood, without brakes on the front wheels, the famous lorry, along with the Red Army, entered Berlin.

 history of the Ural Automobile Plant

The first truck of the enterprise wasbased on the non-power two-axle ZIS-5 produced at the Moscow plant. Especially for front-line conditions, engineers developed its simplified version. The main advantage of the new model, in comparison with the old one, has become a more powerful engine. Equipped with them trucks could accelerate by 35% faster than ZiS-5. At the same time, gasoline savings reached 10-16%.

Plant after the war

Since 1947 the Ural Automobile Plant("UralAz"), the history of which began in the first years of the war, begins to produce trucks, the design of which includes those units and parts that did not have a front-line model. First of all, the car is equipped with a body with three hinged sides. Later, brakes with a hydraulic drive on all wheels begin to be used. The fuel tank of the car moves under the body. In the design of the front variant, it was located under the seat. To the name of the fully re-equipped ZiS-5B, after all these changes, the letter "M" (modernized) was added.

1956 became one of the most important in the history of such an enterprise as the Ural Automobile Plant. The photo of the UralZIS-355 truck, created this year on the basis of the experimental UralZIS-353, presented below, clearly demonstrates its advantages in comparison with previous models. The number 355 was assigned to the car by the index of its engine (5555 cm3 per 85 l / s). The new engine of the machine had an improved lubrication system, power supply and crank mechanism. The main advantages of the ZiS-355 are the speed and fuel consumption that have increased to 70 km / h to 29 liters per 100 km.

Uralaz Ural Automobile Plant

Later, the plant produced even moremodern "UralZiS-353M" and 353A. Since 1959, the plant has started production of Ural cross-country vehicles. The serial production of the Ural-353 started in 1961. The ZiS cars came off the assembly line of the plant for another five years after that.

Gas-generator type trucks

In parallel with the gasoline models immediately afterwar Miass factory began to produce cars of this type. Initially, the company mastered the production of the ZiS-21A model, developed at the Moscow plant. To obtain the gas mixture in this machine, dry chocks were used. Of course, according to the characteristics of the petrol ZiS, it was much inferior. The first gas-generator car could drive at a speed of only 48 km / h. Its carrying capacity was 2.5 tons. Later, other modifications of gas-generating cars were also produced. The last was "UralZiS-352".

The 90s

In 1994 the plant became a joint-stock company and was named OAO UralAz. In 1998, the company switched to external management. In 2000, its restructuring was completed with the establishment of the Ural Automobile Plant OJSC.

Ural Automobile Plant Photo

Renaming an enterprise

In 2011 UralAz (Ural Automobile Plant), whose conveyors had already produced more than 1,400,000 vehicles, was renamed Ural. The enterprise became the main one in the Holding "Trucks". To date, apart from him, the group includes OJSC URALAZ-Energo, OJSC Saransk Dump Truck Plant, OJSC Social Complex.

The main customers of the enterprise are the Urals(Ural) are the largest oil and gas processing companies: OOO Gazprom, Rosneft, TNK-BP, etc. It buys Ural trucks and the state. Among the customers of this level are the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Ural plant was the first truck manufacturer in the CIS to bring its management system in line with the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 and 2008.

Ural Automobile Plant Ural

Trucks "Ural" today

Today, as in the times of the USSR, the UralsThe automobile plant specializes in the production of mainly trucks. Machines of this brand are distinguished by reliability, capacity, heavy lifting capacity. They are valued both in industry and in agriculture for their ease of maintenance. The main advantage of the technique of this brand is considered high cross-country, provided by a special design of the leading bridges and a well-thought-out system of air regulation in tires.

The Ural trucks can be operatedthe most severe weather conditions. For example, you can perform production tasks on them at temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees. The plus of the technique of this well-known manufacturer is also that it is designed for non-hazardous storage.

Ural Automobile Plant Uralaz Director

By now the plant is producingall-wheel drive off-road vehicles and trucks designed for operation on roads with hard surfaces. Onboard models of this brand are equipped with a berth.

Other products of the company

In addition to trucks, the Ural Automobile Plantproduces shuttle buses, cargo-passenger cars, truck tractors and dump trucks. More than 400 types of special equipment are mounted on the basis of the chassis of this brand: cranes, tankers, repair shops, fire trucks, etc. Buses of this brand in the office version are equipped with air conditioning and ventilation. In their cabin an autonomous heating system is installed. Since 2001, the plant also produces cars with an engine that meets Euro-2 European environmental standards. Especially for the army, the company has developed armored cars "Ural".

The company sells cars produced to it through the Sales Directorate of the Holding "Trucks" and through a wide dealer network, organized in all regions of the country.

Ural Automobile Plant Uralaz History

Company management

Today, one of the largest in Russiaof enterprises engaged in the production of trucks and special equipment - the Ural Automobile Plant (UralAz). Its director, Viktor Kadylkin, previously headed the division "Power units" and Yaroslavl Motor Plant. In 2013, he replaced V. Korman, who headed the Ural Automobile Plant for 9 years (since 2002).

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