Industrial heater: overview, types and reviews

Industrial enterprises need specialorganization of engineering systems. Specificity is due, as a rule, to large areas, the presence of working personnel in the premises, as well as the availability of technological equipment, the operation of which can make its own adjustments to the installation of engineering systems. In any case, the vast majority of such facilities impose increased demands on the heating systems in terms of power and physical reliability. In other words, an industrial heater must be distinguished by high heat transfer, to be resistant to external influences and durable.

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Classification of industrial heaters

Differences can take place in differentCharacteristics - from design to the principle of operation of the unit. For example, there are models that are attached to the ceiling and practically do not occupy the useful space in the room, which is especially valuable for the workshop. If there is no need to save space, it makes sense to look at standard floor or wall versions. Also, an industrial heater can have a different purpose and, accordingly, a design. The choice of this or that configuration in this plan depends on the tasks that the unit will perform. This can be a typical heating of the room to create a certain temperature regime, or a targeted supply of warm radiation to the equipment or communications operated by the enterprise. For example, with the help of self-regulating or resistive cables, the necessary temperature condition of pipelines is maintained. But this is already a special category of heaters, and more often traditional devices are used, which differ in the type of principle of operation.

Industrial gas heaters

industrial infrared ceiling heaters

This is a large group of heaters, which,in addition to the combustion of gas-air mixtures, infrared radiation is also generated. That is, in some ways, these are combined units, which causes many advantages in respect of their operation. First of all, such equipment operates on a gas source of fuel, which in itself provides an economic benefit. Especially when it comes to offline modifications that do not require a connection to the network.

For example, industrial infrared heatersCeiling with gas burners can be used even in de-energized rooms. Another thing is that the installation method in the ceiling niche will present certain difficulties in terms of maintenance. There is one more aspect that should be considered when choosing such models. The use of gas as a fuel not only imposes a restriction on the operation of units in the premises where workers are located, but also excludes their installation in areas with readily flammable materials.

Diesel heaters

If it is required to provide heat to a largespace, it is worth turning to liquid fuel, and in particular, diesel heaters. Their dignity consists in high power and absence of serious restrictions on application. The main thing is to choose a modification suitable for working qualities. Modern industrial heater on diesel fuel is equipped with a tank of about 50-60 liters capacity. This is sufficient for long-term operation of the unit in conditions of a large hangar, a production room or a greenhouse without refueling. But it is important to understand that constant heating with the help of diesel inevitably leads to serious cash costs. In any case, such a choice will be less justified economically compared to gas infrared analogs.

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Electric heaters

You can say this is the closest to the domesticequipment industrial heater. This is because the electrical principle of operation is considered to be the safest, environmentally friendly and convenient to operate. To use such a model, it is sufficient to have an electrical network with a socket. True, here one should also prepare for the shortcomings that industrial heaters sin in all modifications. First, it is the most expensive equipment in terms of content. The costs of electricity at industrial facilities often form the most expensive items of expenditure precisely because of heating systems. Secondly, the presence of reflectors and other load-sensitive components in the process of hard operation can also bring a lot of serious problems in the form of breakdowns.

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Automation for heaters

Most of the heaters presented in the newrulers of modern manufacturers, are equipped with ergonomic control relays and thermostats. And if in the domestic conditions of its own automation equipment can be sufficient for efficient operation, it is advisable to link industrial models to unified complexes. Thus, with the help of a central controller, it is possible to combine an industrial IR heater and, for example, a diesel system operating on another site into one system. With the help of the dispatching system, a control panel is organized through which the operator will monitor and, if necessary, adjust the operating parameters of the heating components of the enterprise.

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Reviews of manufacturers

Companies engaged in the production of industrialheating equipment, much less than the developers of household counterparts. This is due to the complexity of producing reliable units capable of providing a high level of heat transfer. Nevertheless, in the Master family you can find high-quality gas infrared heaters industrial, and in different versions, designed for operation in large enterprises and separate technological areas.

Good quality models also offerspecialists from Patriot Power and Elitech. Although the production of brands of this level is noticeably high in comparison with little-known manufacturers, it completely justifies itself in the course of operation. If you need a long-lasting and productive heater for industrial premises, then it is the models of these manufacturers that are worth choosing. They are not only reliable in their design, but also convenient to use. In addition, the availability of multi-level security systems will protect the technician from breakages and other undesirable nuances of exploitation.

How much does an industrial heater cost?

Unlike home heaters, equipmentfor equipment of industrial premises is most often calculated on an individual basis. Industrial units in terms of cost also depend on additional technical supply, not including the features of installation and commissioning. In the lower segment, we can talk about prices of 15-20 thousand rubles. In the middle category, you can find an industrial heater, the price of which will be about 30-40 thousand. Large enterprises, which require high power to provide heat, often spend more than 100 thousand engineering on this kind of engineering,

How to choose the best heater option?

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Requirements for heating equipment forIndustrial objects are determined at the design stage of the premises. If the enterprise works in conditions when there are no increased requests for fire safety, it is possible to give preference to gas models. It can be the same combined IR-heater industrial, the capacity of which is enough to create an optimal microclimate with minimal fuel costs. And on the contrary, at high requirements to protection against a fire it is necessary to choose nevertheless electric or diesel models.

Regardless of the choice of the aggregate according to the criterionthe type of fuel used, there will still be a question of choosing the optimal design. As noted, in small rooms it is best to use industrial infrared heaters ceiling or, in extreme cases, wall-mounted. And the second option, although it will occupy a certain space, will be more accessible from the point of view of maintenance. The floor structures are more suitable for operation in spacious rooms.


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To ensure effective use ofheater in the industry is particularly important to provide for measures aimed at maintaining uninterrupted operation. If the gas infrared heaters industrial can do without electricity and depend only on the stability of the fuel supply, then with the electric models the situation is reversed. They do not require the supply of supply channels with liquid or gas fuel, but completely depend on the operation of the local power grid. Therefore, in the event of an emergency situation that led to the disconnection of energy resources, it is also important to provide an uninterruptible power supply unit. By the way, its function is often also introduced into the centralized system of automatic equipment control.

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