Busson Arpad - a handsome millionaire and conqueror of women's hearts

Busson Arpad is a financier and philanthropist. Founder and chairman of the hedge fund EIM Group and the charitable foundation ARK. Widely known for his successful financial career in the investment business and large-scale charitable activities. The state of Busson is estimated at $ 150 million. A popular media player, playboy and showman. He acquired great media fame thanks to his relations with Hollywood stars of the first magnitude - Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Australian model El Macpherson.

Busson Arpad: biography

Arpad Arki Busson was born on January 27, 1963 in France, in Boulogne-Billancourt - the western suburbs of Paris. Father Arpad, Pascal Busson - a serviceman of the French army and veteran of the Algerian war. Arpad graduated in Institut LeRosey (Rolle, Switzerland). He worked as a medic in the French army. Later he told me that a strict army discipline had brought up the character of the winner in him.

busson arpad

After demobilization for the first time falls on the front page of the yellow French press thanks to a widely-spread novel with the popular American actress Farrae Fossett. In 1981 he emigrated to the United States. He works in New York as a real estate broker. In 1986 he began to deal with investment funds. Arpad Busson has three children - two sons from his first marriage with an Australian model and actress El MacPherson and daughter from a marriage with Uma Thurman.

EIM Group

In 1991, Busson Arpad founded the EIM Group,which begins to grow rapidly and develop. For example, in 1995 the Busson Fund had only 7 employees with a capitalization of $ 100 million, but already in 2005 the EIM Group staff consisted of 153 people working in seven different countries, including Hong Kong, China.

In December 2006, the fund had ten billion dollars of assets under Mr. Busson. In 2013, due to the crisis in the financial market, EIM Group is experiencing a merger with the Swiss investment company Gottex Fund Management Holdings.


The second professional hypostasis of a millionaire -charity. Busson Arpad is the founder and trustee of the ARK Children's Charitable Foundation (Absolute Return for Kids). He provides charity support to children who suffered from violence, abuse, disability, illness and poverty.

busson arpad biography

ARK Charity Fund finances and manages projects in the field of education and health that are aimed at improving the lives of children in Eastern Europe, South Africa and the UK. In 2001, at a charity dinner in honor ofThe tenth anniversary of the ARK Foundation was attended by Prince William and Keith Middleton - Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The dinner was attended by more than 1000 guests. On that day the fund managed to collect 18 million pounds sterling.


Below in the photo - Arpad Busson with Uma Thurman,a solemn engagement and a loud divorce from which thundered throughout the world of show business. A natural born is a habitue of the secular chronicle. His dizzying romance with the Australian model of El MacPherson and a swift relationship with Christine Scott Thomas hit the front page of the western tabloids.

photo Arpad Busson

Photo of life-loving, full of energy handsome Busson next to the first beauties of the planet were decorated with the first pages of world-famous newspapers and magazines. In 2006, according to the magazine Tatler, Arpad Busson was recognized as the seventh most popular media person at a party in the United Kingdom.

Now a millionaire, along with his new passionChristine Scott Thomas lives in London and does not represent his life without this woman and this city. It is rumored that Christine, like two drops of water, is similar to Busson's mother - Florence Flockie Busson, and the capital of England is his heart and house. The man says: "London is for me a real place of power, some incredible mystical affection ... I do not know the reason why I could leave here."

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