Portraits on the monument and ways of drawing a picture

Types of portraits on monuments
Monument installed at the burial siteman - not just a tribute to tradition. Thus, relatives can express their feelings, respect and grief towards the deceased. Therefore, when choosing and decorating a stele, you need to be vigilant. Particular attention should be given to photographs and inscriptions. The first today are produced in several ways. This is engraving, performed manually and automatically, and photoceramics. Each of these methods of portraits has its own characteristics. You can see examples of such monuments on the site хттп: //danila-master.ru/articles/view-portraits-on-memories.html.

Photoceramics on the monument and its characteristics

This method of producing portraits appeared in oneof the first. Initially, images were performed exclusively in black and white. But with the development of technology and the introduction of new types of raw materials, masters have almost unlimited possibilities. Portraits are produced on the basis of photography. The latter can have any quality. With the help of special computer programs, the image quality improves - the background changes, defects are corrected, certain elements are added or removed. A photo is displayed on the bottom of the enamel. For this, a printer is used. The upper sphere is sprayed from a photoceramic paint that has been fired in a furnace at a temperature of -800 degrees. Such a portrait is resistant to any external influences and can last at least 50 years.

Engraved portraits on monuments

Types of portraits and ways of applying them to monuments
Engraving - a more modern way of applyingportraits on the surface of the monument. Today, the masters use several different methods, the choice of which depends on the material of the foundation, the budget, the required quality. So, engraving happens:

  • classical;
  • shock-engraving;
  • sandblasting;
  • laser.

The traditional method of engraving is manual. Technology is the oldest. It is suitable for all types of bases. Blanks can be viewed on the site хттп: //danila-master.ru/. Engraving is performed with a hammer, chisel,bit. To apply a portrait of this technology, the master must spend a lot of time and effort, paying attention to every stroke. The technique is very expensive. The finished image may differ from the original.

The impact-engraving method assumesUse of a special machine equipped with a needle with a diamond tip. After blows on the stone, microscopic chips appear. Shock technology contributes to a good terrain and clarity.

Sandblasting method - fully automatic. It involves the use of a computer program. The image is transmitted via a stencil. Quartz sand is used as an abrasive. Another great automatic way is laser. It allows you to create not only portraits, but also backgrounds, inscriptions and so on.

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