What feed the strawberries gardeners?

After a long winter strawberries, like manyother plants need good care. After the snow has melted and the soil has dried, the strawberry bushes are freed from old and dried leaves. Near each bush loosened the soil. What is fed strawberries? It should be noted that it is the spring top dressing that is the most important factor for further formation and fruiting. It should be carried out within a certain time and in an exact amount.

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The first spring top dressing of strawberries is carried out afterwinter. How to feed strawberries in May? It will be enough to have one tablespoon of ammonium sulphate dissolved in a 10-liter tank full of water. In the mixture it is desirable to add 2 cups of mullein, in a mushy state. Under each bush pour one liter bank of this solution.

And what to feed strawberries before flowering? To prepare the fertilizer, one teaspoon of potassium sulfate and about two tablespoons of nitrofoss are dissolved in ten liters of water. Pour under each bush to 0.5 liters of the resulting solution.

Of course, you need to know about what feed strawberries after the whole harvest

 than to feed a strawberry before flowering
assembled. This is the latest and most important stage in nutrition. The solution is prepared in this way: a couple of tablespoons of nitrofoss are dissolved in ten liters of water. It is desirable to add 1 cup of wood ashes to the solution. All the ingredients are mixed well, and then every straw bush is watered with the resulting fertilizer. And under each bush poured on one liter bank of a solution. This top dressing is considered the final. It needs strawberries to create flower buds.

Many gardeners ask about whatfeed strawberries if it grows a second year. For top dressing of such berries use the following solution: one full tablespoon of ammonium and a couple of glasses of mash from Mullein are dissolved in a ten-liter bucket of water. Under each strawberry bush poured one liter of fertilizing. Before fertilizing, as a rule, soil loosening should be carried out. But in this case, during the loosening, the ground is covered with wood ash: two full cups of ashes are poured onto one square meter.

There is another wonderful way of fertilizing strawberries. It is tested by many gardeners. A bucket of nettle is poured warm

than to feed strawberries in May
water and several days insist. Such a solution is used as a biofertilizer. The mixture is sprayed with strawberries when its bushes have just begun to form. For the second time, strawberries are sprayed with the biofertilizer after the harvest is over. This fertilizer enhances the growth of the berry. Her fruit grows juicy and large.

Many gardeners were interested in whatfeed strawberries. On the fertilization of this culture are written whole works. On this occasion, even specific tests were conducted. After all, on different soils, the strawberry reacts to feeding entirely in different ways. But as a result of research it was found out that the most effective and universal is the mineral complex fertilizer. Before planting, you just need to fill the soil with legumes or manure.

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