How to protect strawberries from birds: the best ways

Garden strawberry is a widespreadagricultural crops grown around the world. Long years of breeding (strawberries are grown since about 1300) have led to the fact that the crop can be obtained even in the most unfavorable climate. Different types of garden strawberries differ in color, size and shape of the fruit, aroma, degree of fertility, the period of flowering and ripening of berries, the degree of susceptibility to diseases. However, this culture can grow even inexperienced farmers.

how to protect strawberries from birds

It can not be said that garden strawberries belong tounpretentious plants, but subject to certain rules, it will please you with a high yield. The truth arises the question: "How to save the harvest from the birds?" All birds with great pleasure eat ripe and sweet fruits, and sometimes they are satisfied with immature ones. In any case, almost nothing remains for the share of a person. Therefore, protecting strawberries from birds is becoming a priority. There are quite a lot of ways, it remains to determine which of them will be most effective.

How to protect strawberry from birds with a special grid

Mechanical protection is the most radical and,perhaps, the most effective method. A grid for strawberry from birds is sold in any agricultural store. It is made of plastic, most often polypropylene, with square or diamond-shaped small cells. Such a network protects the crop from birds, while not interfering with the penetration of water and sunlight to plants. In addition, such protection does not interfere with the pollination of plants, the grid does not need to be cleaned during spraying.

strawberry for birds

How to protect strawberries from birds using scarecrow

The vegetable scarecrow, which is a strawbag in a hat and with hands-panicles, today practically is not applied. Birds get used to it very quickly and soon stop responding to it. A much more effective method of scaring off is thin cellophane tape, swaying from the slightest blow of the wind. For the same purpose, you can use old tapes from cassettes that not only wobble, but also pour into the sun.

How to protect strawberries from birds by using noise

Garden ratchets or carbide cannons shootingat certain intervals, the first time works well, but in time the birds get used to loud and sharp sounds. You can periodically change the frequency of noise effects, but this technique requires constant monitoring by the person.

protection of strawberry from birds

How to protect strawberry from birds by using distracting crops

This method of protection is the most humaneto birds, and it should be appreciated by all lovers of nature. In order to divert the birds from the garden strawberry, you can plant several plots of trees on your site: bird cherry, sea buckthorn, wild cherry. The drawback of this method is that there is no guarantee that birds will prefer to eat only berries intended for them.

The most unsuccessful method was the totalDestruction, when birds are poisoned or shot. The effect is either zero, or it leads to the opposite result - a lot of insect pests appear on the beds, which destroy all the fruits even more quickly.

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