What are the social or social responsibilities of a social educator

Before understanding the essence of the profession, it is necessarydeal with the name itself. It consists of two capacious concepts. By definition, "educator" is a person engaged in teaching and upbringing. Simply put, teacher. "Social" in Latin means "public", that is, associated with society. Now the picture becomes a little clearer. There is a certain connection between the professions of a teacher and a social teacher. Both of them are connected with children in one way or another. But there is also a significant difference. The teacher gives knowledge, brings to the child the scientific experience, accumulated over the years, and the social teacher helps him to adapt in society.

Who needs a "special assistant"

social duties of a social educator
The society is quite severe aboutunstable personalities, and the child is the most vulnerable part of it. In the course of growth and development in children there are very different problems and there must be someone who can solve them. That is why the social or, more correctly, the social duties of the social pedagogue are to help children in the first place to establish their relations with the surrounding world. Most often these are children with physical or psychological deviations: orphans, invalids, violators of law and order and representatives of the so-called "risk group". They all have a conflict with society, and the social responsibilities of the social educator are to help children overcome this condition and return to normal life. Getting into a difficult situation, each person feels either lost and no one needs, or feels anger and hatred of everyone around. Children feel all this more acute. They are categorical, defenseless and do not know how to cope with the vicissitudes of fate. The consequences of such a state can be the most deplorable. This is where a person is needed who can put everything in its place and let the little man know what else can be changed.

What the work is devoted to

The social responsibilities of the social educator are ambiguous and involve a wide range of problems. It requires assistance in a variety of ways:

1) Information. It is necessary in practice to let the child know that the law is able to protect it.

2) Economic. In accordance with the existing normative acts, help needy teenagers receive necessary benefits, benefits and compensation.

3) Psychological. If necessary, promote the restoration of the microclimate in the family. To make it clear to a small member of society that he is not an "outcast" and that everything is not lost for him.

4) Medical. Real help in caring for sick children.

5) Legal. To help needy teenagers to restore or realize their rights.

Social Responsibilities of the Social Teacherare realized not only in relation to children. He has to work with parents, teachers, law enforcement officers and specialists of social protection agencies.

Than have to deal with

social teacher job duties
What should a social educator do? Job duties eloquently describe all his practical work. To begin with, a complete analysis of the personality of the adolescent, his problems and living conditions is necessary. Then comes the turn of useful information. The specialist is obliged to tell the child about how the state can help him and what services he is doing. After this, it is necessary to draw up a plan for further action. Sometimes this requires the help of parents, teachers, friends and acquaintances. If the question concerns the sick and needy, then it becomes necessary to contact the appropriate authorities with requests and requirements. But sometimes it is the unhealthy situation in the family that pushes the child to rash and often aggressive actions. For the most part, this is the fault of adults. The social pedagogue should conduct educational talks with parents and try to settle the relationship. The work is not easy, but a possible positive result forces you to try and do your best. The result of the work done can be expressed in one phrase: "The social pedagogue does everything to resolve the conflict that has arisen and to reconcile the child with society and the surrounding reality".

Duties of the Social Teacher

functional duties of the teacher of social
The activity of any teacher, as is known,is aimed at teaching and educating. If we consider the functional duties of the teacher of the social plan, then the main thing is the education of the individual. Such specialists have recently appeared in the staff of school, orphanages and boarding schools. They, daily being near to pupils, study their life and conditions which sometimes push children on rash actions. These people become the protection of offended children and are, as it were, intermediaries between them and the world around them. Thanks to their knowledge and professional skills, social educators are making efforts to eliminate obstacles to the development of a new personality. They do everything to make the child return to normal life, and try to create the most convenient conditions for this. The easiest way to isolate a teenager from an unfavorable environment. But the goal of social educators is not this. They try to change the environment itself and make it suitable for the child's life.

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