Motorcycle "Dnepr" MT 10-36: description, characteristics, scheme

The domestic motorcycle "Dnepr" MT 10-36 appliesto the class of heavy two-wheeled vehicles. The unit is mainly used with a stroller. The purpose of the motorcycle is to transport the driver with two passengers or cargo weighing not more than 250 kg. The machine moves well along the asphalt and dirt road. The gearbox is equipped with a reverse function. Consider the characteristics and features of this technique.

dnepr mt 10 36


Externally, the "Dnepr" MT 10-36 differs frompredecessors levers with ballpoints, union nuts on the outlet nozzles, passenger tilting footboard. In 1976, the manufacturer (motorcycle factory in Kiev) perfected the motorcycle of the MT-10 series. As a result, the power of the power unit increased to 36 "horses", and some units were transformed into parts of the crew structure.

This model received the designation "Dnepr" MT10-36. Major modernization work is focused on GOST standards in terms of improving safety and reducing external noise. The main device that guarantees the safety of movement, is the brake unit, which underwent a radical alteration on the front wheel. Now there are a couple of pads, each of which is activated by means of an individual cam, a leading and driven levers.


At "Dnieper" МТ 10-36 gaps between stopPads and brake drum are adjusted as they wear out. The process is carried out by tightening the cable with a fitting and then turning the cams on the axis. Such a construction on heavy bikes was used for the first time. The advantage of this brake is the ability to mount any of the previous versions of the motorcycle. Also, the front brake of this type can play the role of a parking stop. To do this, simply press the brake lever on the handlebar and secure it with a special push-button latch.

motorcycle dnepr mt 10 36

The brake element and clutch levers endspherical knobs with a diameter of 2 cm. They serve to prevent possible injuries. From the front, the front "mudguard" is seared, the passenger footrests are folded up and back at an angle of 45 degrees. As an anti-theft device acts lock, locking the steering wheel in the column.


MT 10-36 "Dnepr" is safer in terms offire-fighting equipment. This was made possible by the presence of clamps on gasoline hoses. They prevent the jumping of pipelines and the occurrence of sparks. To reduce noise, a new atmospheric filter element and a more efficient silencer are used. This element is also interchangeable with analogues of other models. Only then is it necessary to install a new jet (180 cc / min instead of 200 cc / min). This design significantly reduces the noise of the exhaust gases and excludes the ingress of fuel to hot parts.

The outer diameter of the silencer increased to 86 mm, andvolume increased 1.6 times. Exhaust pipes and internal configuration of the element were transformed. The nozzles on the cylinder are now fixed with nakidnymi nuts, and not clamps. This provides a more dense connection, contributes to the removal of a significant part of the heat. After these improvements, the unit's noise level decreased by 10 dB.

spare parts for dnepr mt 10 36

Other parameters

Updated spare parts for MT 10-36 "Dnepr" are marked in the following list:

  • A battery ignition system is provided.
  • The dry-type clutch assembly is equipped with two disks.
  • The wheelchair is equipped with a lever suspension with hydraulic spring-type shock absorbers.
  • On the motorcycle front is a telescopic fork with hydraulics and springs.
  • The rear wheel is equipped with a pendulum suspension with hydraulic spring cushioning elements.
  • The tire dimensions are 3.75 / 19.

A significant design innovationno need to change the oil. It simply replenishes regularly, lubricating the internal components of the power unit and the elements associated with it. This increases the protection of the main parts from corrosion and wear.

Electrical equipment

Below is the electrical diagram of the Dnipro MT10-36. The features of the electrical equipment of the motorcycle are the use of high-tech wires with the function of self-oxidation and self-shortening. They have low conductivity, are equipped with self-destructive type insulation. This allows you to compare the sparks spark ignition with the clock speed of the crankshaft. As a result, some devices were excluded from the circuit for their uselessness.

dnepr circuit 10 36

Technical characteristics of the Dnipro MT 10-36

Below are the main indicators of the technical plan for the motorcycle in question:

  • Height / width / length - 1.08 / 1.62 / 2.43 m.
  • Weight - 335 kg.
  • The maximum load is 260 kg.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 19 liters.
  • The power unit is a four-stroke engine with a pair of cylinders and atmospheric cooling.
  • The working volume is 650 cubic meters. cm.
  • Startup type is kickstarter.
  • The high-speed threshold is 105 km / h.
  • The fuel consumption is 8 l / 100 km.
  • Power - 32 horsepower at 5800 rpm.
  • Type of brakes - pads.
  • The diameter / stroke of the piston is 68/78 mm.
  • Clearance - 12.5 cm.
  • The track is 1.14 m.
  • Wheelbase - 1,5 m.

dnepr mt 10 36 specifications

Helpful information

Many fans of two-wheeled "iron horses" do notknow for certain why the oil is poured into the suspension, assuming that it adds to it the depreciation characteristics. In fact, the oil leveling scraping metal, grinding sand, which is characteristic of this class of equipment. The lack of rigidity in the units of the device is compensated by the stability of the rear shock absorbers. Similar elements can be compared with analogues for tanks of the Second World War.

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