Device carburetor "Ozone". Carburettor trigger

The carburettor is a device for accurate metering of fuel in the air stream. The part promotes the formation of a combustible mixture from air and fuel, and also regulates its supply to the cylinders of the engine.


Currently, cars are installing the carburetor "Ozone". This is an emulsion-type part, with a feeding flow, a two-chamber one. The carburettor arrangement is as follows:

  • float balanced chamber;

  • the main dosing systems (two);

  • ekonostat (concentrating device). Located in the second chamber;

  • idling system (autonomous);

  • the transition system between the first and second chambers;

  • a pump with a diaphragm accelerating with a diffuser in the first chamber;

  • shut-off electromagnetic valve in the idling system;

  • the device of removal of gases from the crankcase for the throttle;

  • drive pneumatic for throttle flap of the second chamber;

  • Manual control system for the air cover of the first chamber, with a cable drive;

  • carburettor trigger with diaphragm. Serves to automatically open the flap after starting the electric motor. The process is due to vacuum in the intake manifold;

  • the connection for the selection of rarefaction when controlling the ignition timing regulator.


  1. The fuel delivery device to the carburetor provides its flow through the filter grid and the needle valve. The valve maintains the correct level of fuel in the float chamber.

  2. Receipt of a mixture from a float chamberIt is produced through the fuel main jets of the first and second chambers. The fuel passes into the emulsion wells and tubes. In the tubes it is mixed with the air flow coming from the nozzles. Further, the emulsion advances into the large and small diffusers of the carburettor through the diffusers.

  3. After switching on the ignition, the electromagnetic shut-off valve closes the fuel channel of the idling system. In the voltage state, the valve must be open.

  4. The process of fuel sampling from an emulsion wellThe first chamber is produced by the system at idle. The fuel moves through the jet connected to the electromagnetic locking piece. The fuel is mixed with air, which is fed through the idler and the opening of the transition system from the first chamber. The resulting emulsion is connected to air and enters the pipeline.

  5. Fuel-air mixture with partial opening of throttle valves enters the chambers through the holes of the transition system. The process takes place before the main dispensing system works.

  6. Econostat contributes to the receipt of fuelmixture from the float chamber to the nebulizer. The enrichment device starts to operate under the condition of maximum power. This enriches the fuel emulsion.

  7. The accelerator pump has ball valves. One opens at the time of filling with fuel and closes under the weight of the ball after stopping the mixture. Another valve opens under the pressure of the fuel and closes also under the weight of the ball.

  8. The carburettor trigger includesa number of details: air damper, telescopic traction, control lever, throttle valve drive throttle, throttle valve control drive, diaphragm mechanism. When pulling the handle of the drive by the driver, the air damper closes, the throttle opens slightly.

It is important to know that repairing the carburetor, itsadjustment with partial disassembly is recommended after removal. Work requires accuracy, cleanliness. Before dismantling, it is necessary to remove dirt from the surface with a clean rag moistened with a special compound. The owner of the car must have the necessary knowledge of the details and components, including the carburetor device. Information will help in the operation of equipment, in troubleshooting roadside problems when there is no mobile repair service nearby.

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