Infiniti FX37, description and characteristics

Infiniti FX37 - a prestigious crossover premium, manufactured by Nissan since 2002.

Infiniti FX37
The machine is manufactured in the form of a five-doorfive-seater sedan. The length of the car is 486.5 cm, its width is 192.5 cm and its height is 165 cm. The maximum gross vehicle weight is 2280 kg, the volume of the fuel tank is 90 liters. Up to 100 km / h the car accelerates in just 6.8 seconds. The car Infiniti FX37 spends 9.4 liters of fuel for every 100 km of the road when driving on a country road. On a mixed cycle, this figure increases to 12.2 liters, and in the city the consumption is 17.1 liters. The volume of the trunk in this model is 376 liters.

To date, there are 11 complete setsthis car. Each of them has a number of systems to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers. These include the electronic distribution of brake forces, emergency braking, dynamic stabilization, traction control, ABS and tire pressure adjustment with indication on each wheel.

Infiniti FX
To protect the car from theft, it is builtimmobilizer with alarm. As for the passive safety of the Infiniti FH 37, the driver and passenger sitting in the front seat are protected from a head-on collision by special two-section airbags with human presence recognition sensors. From the side impact protect additional pillows located on the side of the first row of seats, and installed in the ceiling curtains, protecting passengers in the rear and front seats. All Infinity FX cars are equipped with three-point safety belts fixed at the front and headrests for passengers. In a frontal collision, a fracture of the propeller shaft is provided - with the entire impact on the bumper, it crumples and falls off, protecting the interior from destruction.

Infiniti PH 37
As for the lighting system, in addition tostandard set, the car has rear fog and LED lights, as well as front fog lights. All the glasses in the car come with protection from ultraviolet rays, the rear ones are darkened. The machine is equipped with retractable headlight washers and a windshield wiper for the rear window.

Safety of pedestrians when you stop and leaveprovide parking sensors, as well as a parking display, combined with a rear-view camera. Side mirrors are equipped with heating and electric drive, thanks to which they can be folded automatically. Infiniti FX37 is equipped with light and rain sensors, as well as an intuitive lighting system that includes light inside the car and around it when the driver approaches the car.

The crossover is impressive not only externally. These models are distinguished by a stylish and expensive salon, in which leather materials are combined with wooden inserts made of maple. The leather braid is trimmed with a gear lever, a steering wheel and electrically-driven seats that change the position in 8 positions. Comfort passengers provides two-season climate control with the function of ionizer and purifier. Front seats with the function of heating and ventilation.

This is not a complete list of built-in systems and functions of the car Infiniti FX37.

This is a modern, reliable crossover that meets the most stringent requirements.

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