Nano Reflector: customer reviews. "Nano Reflector" - hydrophobic coating for a car

Any material is prone to damage, evenhaving a strong structure. After this, it loses its properties and can not be used for its intended purpose. They tried to struggle with this always. For this, people tried to apply different coatings. Let's talk about autocosmetics and auto chemical goods Nano Reflector.

nano reflector reviews

At present, this problem has almost disappeared. Scientists in the chemical field have developed a special tool that allows you to forget about the damage. Its name is Nano Reflector. Customers' reviews indicate that the product copes with its duties, namely: protection of plastic, metal, leather, glass, ceramic and wood products from dirt, ice, corrosion and other destructive processes. This product was obtained through the efforts of German and Russian companies. What is he capable of?

The most unique discovery

In the twentieth century, scientist Wilhelm Bartlott discovereda strange phenomenon, considering the lotus. There was never any dirt on its surface, and the flower itself was always dry, regardless of whether it was raining or not. As it turned out later, this phenomenon is associated with coating the petals. They have small villi with a micron range. Because of such irregularities, which can not be discerned by the human eye, water always flows from the flower, not lingering on its surface. This feature was patented by the scientist Wilhelm Bartlotte and was called the "lotus effect".

Innovative tool

Thanks to the phenomenon that Wilhelm discoveredBarlott, modern scientists have created a special spray, called the Nano Reflector. This product is mainly used as an auto cosmetics. For the car, this is an excellent protection against dirt and water. However, it is also used to protect clothing, footwear and even construction materials.

Sales of the "Nano Reflector" began only afterHow he passed a lot of inspections and received international quality standards. The product was tested in various laboratories and sent in small batches to various companies, which eventually shared letters of recommendation. After that, in 2015, mass production and sales began.

car cosmetics for car

Nano Reflector: price

The cost of this product is not as high ascould be, and is 1,900 rubles. This price was set so that people could afford to buy and use Nano Reflector. The goods can be ordered only on the official website of the company that produces the products.


The company "Nanotek Rus", engaged inproduction of spray, always working to improve the product. It changes almost every month. All works are carried out by high-level specialists who are confident in Nano Reflector. According to reviews, soon the company will begin developing a product to protect aircraft and ships, as well as other large equipment.


Many are interested in the question of what is"Nano Reflector." This is a special polymer composition that forms a protective film when sprayed. The material on which the spray is applied will not get dirty and soaked with water, although the film on it will not be noticeable.

For ease of operation, this liquid is placed in an iron cylinder with a nebulizer. The volume of one unit of the product is 200 ml. The height of the balloon is 14 cm and the width is 5 cm.

The product is easy to recognize by distinctive features. On the front side there is an image in which the name and properties are indicated. In the back of the balloon the information is given in more detail.

The products of Nanotek Rus are manufactured according to all the approvals, namely: GOST, GGR and TU.

The company produces several spray lines:

  • Automobile.
  • Textile.
  • Industrial.


The composition of the product includes a small amount of substances, namely:

  • Polymer base with silicon nanoparticles.
  • Organic solvents.
  • Flavors from natural substances.
  • Catalysts.

car protective coating

Operating principle

Some people are sure that the "Nano Reflector" is notcan protect the surface from moisture and dirt, and manufacturers are scammers. However, specialists after conducting many studies argue that the product copes with the task, and the whole secret lies in its hydrophobic properties.

Liquid from the container when applied to the surfaceenvelops it. In the future, a protective layer is created on the surface, which has a water repellent effect. The difference between "Nano Reflector" and other products is that the angle of its edge wetting is 173 degrees, and also that it can remain on the surface for a long time without losing its properties. That's why the tool is popular.

After spray application, the surface does not protectonly from the outside, but also from the inside. There are no noticeable changes in the material. In the case when the product is applied to a tissue, it continues to let in air, which means that the person's body will breathe through such clothes. Also, the Nano Reflector spray, according to reviews, prevents the penetration of bacteria under the material.

"Nano Reflector" for the fabric covers allsurface of products and penetrates inside. Thanks to this, clothes will always remain clean. Spots that have not been washed before can now be simply removed with a cloth, and spilled drinks can be shaken off and nothing remains of them.

Experts say that this productis made according to the newest technologies. Its creation is a breakthrough in the scientific world. Unlike its analogues, "Nano Reflector" can be used and maintain its properties under different temperatures and conditions. That's why the product is so common.

car polish

"Nano Reflector" as a protective coating for a car

According to motorists, "Nano Reflector"greatly helps while driving. This is especially true during the rain. In such conditions, the control of the car becomes much safer even in the event of a shower. During the rain drops falling on the windscreen, immediately fly away from there, because of which the visibility becomes better. In addition, when applied to the windshield "Nano Reflector" resource janitors increases significantly, because they do not work as hard. In the case of small precipitations, many drivers using the facility do not even include janitors.

Many motorists faced a problemsticking of midges on the glass. After applying the spray, this problem will disappear, as the agent will repel insects. "Nano Reflector" - an excellent polish for the car.

Also noticeable effect in the winter. Thanks to the properties of the spray, in the cold seasons on the windows of the car, ice is eliminated much more easily. Reviews about Nano Reflector - a confirmation.

If you consider that among motorists this product is gaining popularity and its properties are improving every month, then most likely in the future, each driver will use the spray.

Many use the "Nano Reflector" also to protect the body of the car, side mirrors. What is the result you can get? To do this, you need to review the reviews.

Because of the use of the "Nano Reflector" carlonger remains pure. After using the hydrophobic coating for the body, it is not susceptible to external factors and road reagents, which is why its corrosion will begin much later than it could. On the car there are no drops of water even after the rain, there are also no divorces. In the downpour, the review is good not only through the windshield, but also through the rear-view mirrors. Due to the special properties of the spray at night, the light from the headlamps of the cars coming towards them does not so much blur, which means that driving becomes safer.

After applying "Nano Reflector" manymotorists noticed a reduction in the cost of maintaining their car. For auto cosmetics "Nano Reflector" is a big plus. There is no longer any need to constantly drive the car to the sink and buy cleaning fluids. Also increases the resource of the wipers and body parts.

nano reflector price

"Nano Reflector" for clothes and shoes

The "Nano Reflector" has not only polishesfor the car, but also sprays for clothes and shoes. Any person wants his clothes to stay longer. This will help spray Nano Reflector, which will contribute to the care of clothes and shoes. After application, the products will not get dirty and will be in this condition for a long time. However, after washing, you will have to use it again. The spray is suitable for all types of fabrics, even for the skin. However, it is better not to use this product for patent leather.

During the rain, the clothes will not get wet afterapplying a water repellent coating, even if there is a downpour. Shoes will also last longer, as the effect of road reagents will not be so strong. Also, the spray can be used to protect the upholstered furniture and car seats. This will help keep the appearance of the products new as long as possible.

Use for building materials

Modern buildings must be waterproof andhave the hydrophobic properties that Nano Reflector possesses. At the exhibition of Nanotek Rus products, the spray caused great interest among construction companies. They noted that the product is rather unique in its kind. Despite the low cost, it significantly increases the resource of building materials.

hydrophobic coating for a body

During construction use of this sprayjust necessary. It prevents the penetration of moisture inside concrete blocks and other materials, so that the appearance of mold and fungus becomes simply impossible.

Also after application of the spray, the appearance of corrosion,naled or oxidation on the surface of materials is excluded. Some materials for construction, because of their peculiarities, absorb moisture and lose their properties. After applying the spray, this effect practically disappears, because of which the service life is prolonged.


This spray has many advantages:

  • Refers to premium segment products.
  • Much easier to clean, care.
  • Keeps the appearance of the new thing as long as possible.
  • Using the spray is understandable even without reading the instructions.

The result

Nano Reflector is a unique product. Its use will make life much easier. The spray is quite versatile and can be used in almost any field of activity.

water repellent coating

Most often this product is used by ordinary peopleto simplify everyday life. However, recently the spray has become widespread, and now it is used in many companies. Various works are carried out with this product of the organization, dealing with automotive, construction and other activities. Most often Nano Reflector can be seen in car washes, services, furniture companies and dry cleaners. Car-care centers use the tool as a protective coating for the car.

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