Chevrolet Aveo (sedan): a review of the model

The first generation of "Chevrolet Aveo" (sedan) came out inseries in 2002. Now, having undergone a number of changes that have affected not only the appearance of the car, but also its technical stuffing, the third generation of the popular car has appeared in the light.

chevrolet aveo sedan
The first Chevrolet-Aveo cars of the third generationhave left the assembly line in 2011 in the US. And only in a year the assembly of this car was debugged in Kaliningrad. "Aveo" is produced in many countries of the world and, what is noteworthy, in all these countries it has different names. In Australia and New Zealand, it carries the name Holden Barina, in Ukraine - ZAZVida.

Exterior and interior design "Chevrolet Aveo". Sedan 2013 year

It is necessary to pay tribute to the designers of the company, tothey approached the interior of the sedan creatively. They performed the dashboard in a "motorcycle" style. The round tachometer is quite large, the speedometer in the form of a digital display, the fuel level sensor in a stylish original design - all this is very different from the new Aveo from its class counterparts.

chevrolet aveco sedan 2013
Unusual design of air ducts makesanalogy with aviation. The driver's seat is comfortable, with lateral support and numerous adjustments. There are enough places in the salon to accommodate all sorts of trivial details. These are shelves, and two glove boxes, and niches in the doors.

External style is executed in accordance withnew conceptual directions "Chevrolet-Aveo". Sedan designers were given a more aggressive and indomitable look, because they tried to keep pace with the world trends, but kept the overall proportions of the body. A distinctive feature of the exterior design can be considered arc-shaped выштамповки on the hood and relief side lines, as if connecting in front of the sedan.

Specifications "Chevrolet Aveo"

 chevrolet aveco sedan photo
In addition to a respectable appearance, the newThe sedan can boast a completely renewed engine line. The third generation received at its disposal four efficient gasoline units and three diesel engines, developed on the basis of innovative technologies. The introduction of modern developments has made it possible to ensure a higher return on engines and significantly reduce fuel consumption.

In the basic version of "Aveo" will be completed1.2-liter 86-horsepower engine with a fairly "modest appetite" - only 5.5 liters. This unit is assembled only with a six-speed manual box. More powerful engines in volumes of 1,4 and 1,6 liters have got at the disposal on a choice two kinds of transmission - a six-mode "automatic machine" and six-speed mechanics.

Diesel versions are represented by three engines equipped with a "stop-start" system. One of them, a 1.3-liter diesel with a potential of 95 "horses" has a fantastically small fuel consumption. For 100 kilometers he needs only 3.6 liters.

The efficient and economical units incombination with a body made of high-strength steel not only provide pleasure from driving, but also provide a high level of safety. The tests carried out by the international organization NCAR confirmed the highest level of safety of Chevrolet Aveo. Sedan received 5 stars out of five possible.

Price and a complete set of a sedan

Analyzing the price range of the thirdgeneration "Chevrolet Aveo", a sedan, whose photo has already flown all the car sites, can safely be classed as a class of budget cars. In the minimum set of "Aveo" will cost about 450 thousand rubles, which for Russians is within acceptable limits. A fully "charged" version of the sedan will cost slightly more than 500 thousand rubles.

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