Off-road car Honda CR-V: technical characteristics, complete sets. Honda SRV (2015): owner feedback

New model line Honda introduced in 2014year on display at the Paris Motor Show, and already in 2015, the consumer has become available to the updated model of the car "Honda SRV" 2015. Reviews of the owners have become an excellent advertisement for the machine, which contributed to the rapid growth of sales model.

Restyling Honda has undergone cardinalexternal changes and improvements inside the car. Modifications touched the bumper, grille and optics in general. At a salon complete set began to apply more qualitative materials. The exterior of the new SUV "SRV" 2015 has become even more modern and has a very stylish look.

Model CR-V is produced since 1995, and for the entire period the SUV has undergone four generations of changes.

Honda Srw 2015 owner reviews
The basis of the car was a platform withless popular "Honda-Civic". The main market, which was put emphasis, was the United States, where 280,000 crossovers were sold for the period of 2012 alone. Based on this fact, when designing a car, the engineers of the company set the task to please the American motorist.

What has the technical characteristics of the Honda SRV

The characteristics of this compact crossover of 2015 will please even the most fastidious drivers.

tuning Honda srv
The car turned out to be quite economical in terms of fuel, which was achieved thanks to the use of an effective six-speed mechanics and nine range automatic.

At the same time, the automatic box is able to reduce fuel consumption by 20%, and mechanical - on average by 10%.

In the European Union, the car is sold in two versions: front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Honda price 2015 price
On the territory of the CIS countries an off-roader goes on sale only with four-wheel drive, which is very convenient, given the climatic conditions and the quality of the road surface.

Motors, which are equipped with cars, are also designed for a certain car market. About what the engine "Honda SRV" has, we will tell below.

Under the hood

So, the European buyer is offered the options of a complete set with two new diesel engines with a working volume of 1.6 liters, but with different power indicators and a complete set.

On the front-wheel drive version of the SUV there is a motor with a capacity of 120 "traction horses", and a 160-horsepower unit is installed on a four-wheel drive version.

In our region the crossover "SRV" is sold onlyin the complete set of gasoline units and has two options to choose from. The first - two-liter, economic indicators and characteristics of which are rightfully estimated by the owners; The second is 2.4 liters of worker volume. The engines develop power of 150 and 190 horses and work together with a six-speed manual and five-speed automatic transmissions.

Overall dimensions of Honda SRV

In this chapter, the characteristics of the car of the year 2015 are indicated, which, due to the model update, have not changed much.

The length is 4570 millimeters, and the width and height are 1820and 1685 mm is the overall dimensions of the Honda SRV 2015. Reviews of owners, given not large car sizes, positively characterize the vehicle in conditions of urban movement and parking. The crossover has a mass of 1535 kg. Reviews say that this contributes to the stable stability of the car when driving on the highway at high speeds, and also does not affect its dynamic performance. The maximum permissible mass is 2100 kg, which makes it possible to carry not only four passengers, but also heavy loads in a compact SUV Honda SRV 2015. The owners' comments regarding the capacity of the car and the luggage compartment sound the same, and all the positive. Yes, the overall cargo in the form of a refrigerator or gas stove in the trunk can not fit, but with a total volume (with the rear seat folded), it is possible to carry relatively large objects, since the total volume of the luggage compartment is now 598 liters.

The base of the car is 2620 mm, which visually at once you can not determine.

SUV is standardly equippedeighteen-inch wheels. But due to the volume of wheel arches, it is possible to install larger diameter discs on the SUV Honda SUV 2015. The feedback from the car owners further points to the fact that the installation of larger wheels further contributes to the economic performance in terms of fuel and wear. At the same time, the passability of the car will significantly increase, since the clearance of the car itself, which is standard equal to one hundred and eighty-five millimeters, will also increase.

The cost of the Honda CR-V 2015

Depending on the configuration and condition, on theSUV "Honda SRV" 2015 price is noticeably different. The 2015 model with a two-liter petrol unit, equipped with six-step mechanics, costs from 20 thousand dollars (the general standard equipment).

characteristics of Honda SRV
With a power plant whose power ismore than two liters, and the automatic transmission price will be from 31 thousand dollars. "Honda SRV" 2015, the price of which exceeds 40 thousand dollars, has a full set of components and electronics.

Owner feedback

A distinctive feature of the predecessorsSVR, according to motorists, is the high reliability of this crossover. Therefore, often the repair of Honda SRV is reduced to the replacement of consumables, as well as the replacement of some electronic sensors. At the same time, the main emphasis in the design of the new model was placed on reliability in operation and cheapness in repair, but not at the expense of comfort.

Honda engine srv
Therefore, by purchasing this SUV, you can confidently expect that it will not let you down even in the most difficult situations that can only happen on the road.


Despite the fact that the novelty appeared not so muchfor a long time, many car service stations can offer to perform tuning. "Honda SRV" at the same time cardinally changes externally. Due to such modifications, it is possible to change the appearance of the car, reconfigure the parameters of the power unit and transmission, as well as improve the running capabilities of a parquet SUV.

Reviews about suspension

The car suspension perfectly absorbs all the unevennessesroad and contributes to the good handling of the crossover. The ground clearance of this car allows you to overcome very high obstacles and deep potholes on the roads.

repair Honda srv
To prevent damage to the thresholdsmotorists recommend to additionally equip them with rubber moldings, which can be bought in any auto parts market. The disadvantage, judging by the responses of car owners, can be considered plastic protective covers of the exhaust and cardan transmission system, since the material has a low degree of strength, and they often come off when overcoming off-road sections.

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