The tip of traction steering - the device and the principle of operation

Now in the world there is no car that wouldnot manned with steering rods. At the heart of this mechanism lies the tip, which is responsible for turning the wheels when moving. It is a key component of this device, since it is on its serviceable condition that the safety of the driver and passengers depends. Today we will devote a separate article to this device and learn all its features.

tie rod end

The tip of the steering wheel and its operation principle

This mechanism performs the function of transferring effortfrom the steering wheel to the wheel. In other words, the steering tip of the helmsman turns the wheel in the direction that was set by the driver. This detail allows the car to safely perform maneuvers with full confidence that the machine does not roll over and the wheels do not turn in the opposite direction. The tip of the VAZ tie rod determines the angle of rotation of the tires, which is fed through the steering column. The same part is connected to the rod by means of a threaded coupling. Thus, the principle of this mechanism is to ensure the normal controllability and maneuverability of the car at any speed.

The modern tip consists of such details as:

  1. Housing.
  2. A ball finger.
  3. Anther.
  4. Polymer Bearing.
    the tip of the tie rod

It is also worth noting that not always installationdetails of a different configuration threatens the loss of controllability. Now in the shops there are many so-called universal bearings, which can be installed on almost any car.

However, do not forget that for each modelThe manufacturer produces parts of a certain shape, length and size. Depending on the brand of the vehicle, the steering tip (namely its stem) can be straight or curved, placed in a vertical or horizontal plane. Therefore, always pay attention when buying for these specifications. Also, do not forget that sometimes the part is suitable only for the specific side of the wheel - right or left.

Tip of steering traction - price

On average, the cost of this mechanism is 1000-2000 rubles.


It should be noted that this mechanism isone of the most vulnerable in the design of the car. On average, the tip of the steering wheel serves no more than 30-40 thousand kilometers. As a rule, the service life of this part is adversely affected by the condition of the roadway. And since in Russia the roads are not even smooth, you often have to check the status of the steering rods and the tip, among other things.

Tip of steering traction price

If you recently broke thismechanism, and you are going to acquire a new one, pay special attention to the condition of the anther. If it has cracks or it is made of low-quality rubber, which is virtually impossible to determine visually, the risk that it will tear increases several times. And if the anther does not perform its direct functions, it threatens to break the hinge. Therefore, trust only well-known manufacturers and do not neglect the replacement of the tips.

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