What if the motorist overheated the engine?

Few people know, but the risk of engine overheatinginternal combustion is high not only in summer, but also in winter. With prolonged use of the car, its parts require replacement or repair, and if this is not done, the engine will boil even more often. Therefore, as a rule, such a problem is encountered by avaricious motorists. But even a working technical condition does not save from this trouble. Nobody is immune from this. That is why this article will be useful to all motorists.

overheated engine

Overheating of the VAZ 2110 engine causes

In general, the engine boils because of the coolingsystem, or rather because of its malfunctioning. Also, the main cause may be incorrectly exposed ignition. And one more reason, which significantly expands the circle of those who overheated the engine, is low-quality gasoline. It is full full on our filling stations. Therefore, every day we risk getting into an unpleasant situation when the engine overheats. VAZ 2106, the reasons for the breakdowns of which are similar to the "ten", is also not immune from this. Imported machines boil much less often, but this does not mean that you can not monitor the technical state of the cooling system.

Overheated engine - what to do?

When you are still in a similar situation, do notpanic and do only deliberate deeds. When the arrow of the thermometer has reached the red mark, immediately stop the movement and jam the motor. In order to speed up the process of cooling ICE, it is recommended to open the hood. While the units cool down, in any case do not open the radiator cap (below it is presented in the photo).

overheating of the VAZ 2110 engine causes

If you open it, there will be a powerful surge100-degree coolant. In this case, the burn of hands and face is inevitable. In addition, this fluid must always be sealed, so it better and more efficiently cools the motor. If an experienced driver overheats the engine, it will wait 10-15 minutes before all the systems cool down. Beginners are trying to take various measures in order to cool the metal. One such method is the spraying of cold water on the cylinder head. Why this is not worth doing, we will tell you at the end of the article.

And while the motor cools, we wait and do not produceunnecessary actions. And only after 10 minutes we open the radiator cap and add antifreeze there. Open the cork is only necessary when the pressure in the system drops. You can learn this from the elasticity of the upper hose. Pour the coolant very carefully and slowly. Take care that it does not drip onto the hot cylinder head. Then start the engine and, if all the sensors show normal values, turn the stove on full (mode - hot air flow) and reach the destination.

overheating of the VAZ 2106 engine causes
Important to remember

Probably, each of us heard the advice that afterAs the driver overheated the engine, it should be poured cold water. This is fundamentally wrong and dangerous for the motor. Cold water spilled on the surface of the metal, fraught with its deformation, which in practice is expressed in the cracks on the cylinder head. Therefore, if you want to keep your engine, never follow such recommendations.

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