"Mitsubishi Lancer 10": reviews. "Mitsubishi Lancer 10": description, price

Mitsubishi company - world famous Japaneseautomaker. Its cars are popular all over the world, particularly in Russia, and the model range includes more than a dozen cars of different classes and destinations. In this article will be considered technical characteristics, description of appearance, interior and reviews. "Mitsubishi Lancer 10" - a city car that has become a cult and popular until now.

Appearance of the model

This car appeared for the first time in 2007. When the 9th generation of "Lancer" is very outdated, it's time for big changes.

The history of this model begins in the distant 1973year. Even then, the creators clearly defined the class and purpose of this car - a budget urban sedan, which should become the face and flagship of the company. The model survived 10 generations in various bodies, designs and with various engines. At the end of the last century, the car finally settled in the golf class after many changes in concepts and destinations.

In January 2007, Mitsubishi carried outpresentation of the 10th generation of "Lancer" in the framework of the automobile exhibition in Detroit. But rumors about the revival of the model began to appear even earlier - in 2005, together with the concepts.

reviews Mitsubishi Lancer 10

Appearance of "Lancer 10"

The car immediately after the presentation gathered all the positive feedback. "Mitsubishi Lancer 10" was radically different from the ninth generation, externally and internally, not to mention the technical component.

To compare two generations does not make any sense. The design and the auto platform were created by the Japanese from scratch. First, the tenth "Lancer" looks much more athletic. Its design can be called flagship or key for the company's modern lineup - most cars were copied from Lancer (ASX, Colt of the latest generation).

Mitsubishi Lancer 10 owner reviews

Stylish design even after 8 years after the firstrelease deserves only positive reviews. "Mitsubishi Lancer 10" boasts the appearance of a real sports car - a swift profile, mundane "nose" car. The long hood is organically completed by a huge radiator grille in the middle of the front part, which is slightly blunted at an angle. This grid is enclosed in a chrome frame. Oblong headlights are made in a general design with a body. On the hood are two air intakes. Continue the general theme theme of the chrome stripes under the side windows along the entire body. On the side of the car there are sports lining.


The car's feed also looks very sporty. A small spoiler on the trunk lid emphasizes the cocky character of the sedan. This element, unfortunately, is only available in the maximum configuration of the Mitsubishi Lancer 10. The owners' comments indicate that at the time of buying this car at an earlier time, he was constantly catching the interested views of passers-by. On the one hand, "Lancer" is similar to an ordinary urban sedan, no different from 90% of cars on public roads. On the other hand, it has much in common with the recent GT86, although they represent completely different classes.

reviews Mitsubishi lancer 10 assault rifle

Finally in the review of the exterior of the "Lancer" of the tenthgeneration walk through the dimensions of the car to approximately imagine its dimensions. So, in length the sedan reaches 4570 mm. In width and height - 1760 and 1505 mm respectively. Let's move on to the car salon.

Lancer's salon

Interior sedan collects a variety ofand mixed reviews. "Mitsubishi Lancer 10", on the one hand, can be praised for the neat and discreet interior design. If you look at the other, the creators have overdone it with the simplification of the panel and everything else.

The front console is almost completely borrowed from"Lancer" of the ninth generation. Fans will have to reconcile the receivers of third-party production: the center console has a factory radio cassette recorder without the possibility of replacing it with another. Therefore, you can change it only to an identical or other special multimedia system from Mitsubishi Lancer 10. Reviews of owners usually do not mention this point - most likely, the factory radio tape recorder is not a problem, but even vice versa.

Mitsubishi Lancer 10 reviews 1 8

Above the radio is a smalla 3.5-inch monochrome display with a nice red backlight. It displays all the technical information and statistics, such as mileage or temperature. Also information from the multimedia system - it all depends on the preferences of the car owner. Under the control of multimedia is a large alarm button, and a little lower - the control of the stove or air conditioning.

The three-spoke steering wheel looks nice and lies inhands in the same way. On the left side of the steering wheel are the controls of the radio tape recorder. The dashboard also deserves positive feedback. "Mitsubishi Lancer 10" made its distinctive feature red illumination on the central panel.

Seats and comfort

In terms of size, "Lancer" is a full-fledgedfive-seater sedan. The front seats are quite comfortable. Of course, there are very few adjustments and adjustments. But do not forget that the "Lancer" is the C-class, and not the most comfortable business sedan. Ahead of the place is enough even for tall and large people. This is due to the narrow center console with shift knob.

Mitsubishi Lancer 10 variator reviews

In the rear seats the situation is somewhat worse: three large passengers will not feel very comfortable. And for tall people, a rather low roof becomes a hindrance.

Quality of interior materials

In this moment, "Mitsubishi" frankly disappointed. Of course, cheap and hard plastic, bad seating of the seats can be blamed for the budget of the class itself. But in comparison with competitors in its segment is too poor looks "Lancer". The only thing that collects laudatory reviews of "Mitsubishi Lancer 10" in terms of the cabin - it's ergonomic. Many car manufacturers should learn from this example.


Even by the standards of the C-class, the "Lancer" prettymodest volume of the trunk - only 315 liters. The shape of the luggage compartment also disappointed: due to the body features, the access opening to the luggage compartment is rather narrow, which somewhat hinders access to the interior. Of the additional options can be noted folding rear back, allowing you to create a luggage compartment with a salon of a single space. The spare wheel is under the plywood floor of the trunk.


To date, the range of enginesThere are two options. The first is 1.6 liters and 117 horsepower under the hood. Overclocking performance of the car average - from 11 to 14 seconds to 100 km / h at a top speed of 190 km / h. It is worth mentioning that the best in terms of gearbox is suitable for the Mitsubishi Lancer 10 "variator. Responses of the owners agree in one: the acceleration can not be expected from this modification, so the variator will allow you to spend time at the wheel with comfort. The consumption of a 1.6-liter engine leaves about 7 liters per 100 km.

Reviews Mitsubishi Lancer 10 2 0

The next motor is a 1.8-liter 140-hpunit. How can say the feedback, "Mitsubishi Lancer 10" machine looks best with this engine - there are a lot of laudatory speeches from the owners in his direction. The maximum speed is 202 km / h, and acceleration to a hundred takes only 10 seconds. With a box-variator the car accelerates much more slowly. What is most interesting, fuel consumption has become more than just 0.5 liters.

Earlier the line included 3 more engines, butdue to lack of demand, the company decided to reduce the range. A little earlier was very popular modification. Reviews "Mitsubishi Lancer 10" 2.0 collected only the laudatory. But the big fuel consumption and city conditions and corks practically unsuitable for such a powerful car made their own - the sedan began to buy less and less.

Packages and prices

Currently available in fourvarious sets of "Mitsubishi Lancer 10". Reviews 1.8-liter engine deserved those who say that this is the most popular modification of the sedan to date.

The base version of "Lancer" can be purchased for 700 thousand rubles. This kit includes a standard set of ABS, power steering, multimedia system.

Mitsubishi Lancer 10 videos review 21

The next version is Invite. In addition to the basic equipment, there is an air conditioner, electric lifts, heated mirrors and heated seats. A car with an automatic transmission can be bought for 850 thousand, with mechanics - for 810 thousand rubles.

Fog lights, leather trim and gearshift lever are added to the next cost.

Maximum equipment Intense does not usegreat demand from the owners of Mitsubishi Lancer 10. Reviews (video 21) constantly mention the excessive cost of this version of the car: its cost starts from 1 million rubles.

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