Liquid rubber for cars: reviews, prices, results and photos. How to cover auto with liquid rubber?

Liquid rubber is a modern multifunctional coating that is made on the basis of bitumen, does not contain solvents in its composition and does not emit harmful volatile organic compounds.

liquid rubber for cars

To date, liquid rubber for cars is a new product on the market, which attracts a lot of attention thanks to a whole set of innovative features:

  • Liquid rubber is applied by cold spraying, resulting in a perfectly smooth seamless coating.
  • Adhesion (adherence) of the applied coating allows it to adhere to practically any material, regardless of its age, temperature and solidification stage.
  • Using the method of cold spraying allows you to cover the surfaces of any geometric shape and configuration.
  • Liquid rubber for cars becomes an alternative to painting, because when working with vertical planes the material does not drain even in conditions of high ambient temperature.
  • The final coating has good resistance to minor mechanical damage, and also does not crack under extreme weather conditions.

Will we get to know each other better?

liquid rubber for auto price

To better understand what is so good about liquidrubber for cars, in this article we will consider in detail the products of the German company "Plasti Deep". We made this choice, because this manufacturer is the market leader at the moment.

The headquarters of the German company Plasti DipDeutschland GmbH is located in the city of Aschaffenburg. The main product of the company is liquid rubber Plasti Dip®. This is a versatile material that can be covered by bodywork, wheels, bumpers and even parts of the interior of your car. The resulting coating will protect your car from moisture, ultraviolet, abrasion, slipping, acids, corrosion and even from minor mechanical damage.

Liquid rubber against film and painting

liquid rubber auto painting

Cover the car with liquid rubber is easier than with a film -because the sprayed coating does not need to be cut, stretched in shape, and then remove irregularities. Thus, the cost and time of work are optimized, and the final result is qualitatively the same - the car completely covered with a rubber sprayed car looks like treated with a tactile lacquer or as if it is covered with a vinyl film. The material itself can be applied directly to the main painting of the car, after washing and degreasing the coating, so that the liquid rubber adheres better, the painting of the car requires preliminary preparation of the surface.

Application of liquid rubber

liquid rubber for car reviews

Method and equipment for liquid applicationrubber depends on what you are going to cover. In order to handle small items, such as bumpers or disks, only an aerosol can is sufficient. When working with large surfaces it is recommended to work in the camera, because the process itself can take several hours.

Electrical elements are covered by immersion or by simply applying the necessary layer with a brush.

Let's talk about the pleasant: how to save money!

Liquid rubber for cars, price which is relatively small, perfectly protectsyour machine from getting small pebbles, as well as from the impact of corrosive substances. Full coverage of a medium-sized sedan will cost you about a thousand dollars.

Thus, liquid rubber for auto isjust a godsend for those people who buy expensive cars. They are resold in about three years in order to buy a newer model. In order to profitably resell his horse, he needs to be in good shape, because an expensive car is a status element. And then, if you previously covered the machine with liquid rubber, you can simply remove the top layer and your view will appear completely new, as if the vehicle that had just come off the assembly line.

Remove the rubber coating from the car

Naturally, everyone who read the aboveabove the laudatory ode, a reasonable question arises: "And how to shoot? You can not undress her with teeth! "Not at all. Of course, due to its properties, liquid rubber perfectly adheres to any surfaces, but there is one secret for this material. The tensile strength of the layer is much greater than the adhesion to the surface. Liquid rubber is able to restore up to 95% of the shape after stretching more than 1350%! Thus, to remove the layer, it is easy to pick it up and pull it more forcefully. This method of dismantling the cover is very convenient, because from now on you do not need to carry the car to the master - all you need, you can do yourself and also completely free. Thus, nothing will protect your car better than liquid rubber for cars. A photo will confirm this to you.

Color range of products Plasti Dip

Liquid rubber is represented in five shades. You can find black, white, red, yellow and blue colors. The available range is constantly expanding. In addition, the company Plasti Dip brings to your attention a transparent liquid rubber, which when applied gives a light haze to the color of your car. In Europe today, coatings from Plasti Dip are actively used as an anti-gravel coating.

Technical characteristics of liquid rubber

liquid rubber for auto photo

To make our review as useful as possible,let's at the end lightly load ourselves with dry figures. If you do not want to receive information about the strength of the coating and the material consumption per square meter, then simply go to the next paragraph.

Technical properties of liquid rubber Plasti Dip®:

  1. Forms a protective rubber coating.
  2. After solidification has a neutral smell.
  3. Has a high resistance to most substances.
  4. Does not become brittle or brittle.

Methodology of application:

  1. Remove the separating substances from the surface to be treated, clean and dry it.
  2. Apply 2-3 coats to the surface. The material dries quickly, so that each successive layer can be applied after 5-10 minutes after application of the base layer.
  3. To enhance the sticking properties of liquid rubber, pre-treat the target surface with a Plasti Dip® primer.
  4. The consumption of the material is about 150 g / m2.

The main advantages of using liquid rubber:

  1. There is no need to disassemble the machine before applying the layer.
  2. Efficiency - a medium-sized sedan can be completely covered in 8-12 hours.
  3. Liquid rubber is applied to the surface of any shape and configuration, forming a smooth, seamless coating without streaks.
  4. Since the coating, when solidified, retains its flexibility, it can be applied to virtually any material.

Reviews of the coating

car cover with liquid rubber

If you do not trust the articles and want to composeyour own opinion about the newfangled cover, just go to Yutoub and read the comments under any promo video that online shops are pouring online in tons. Having climbed a little in the wilds of other people's thoughts, one can single out the main theses. First and foremost: the absolute majority like liquid rubber for cars, reviews these people are just full of positive. Second: there are dissatisfied. There are even people who say that the liquid rubber peels off after washing the car. What can I say? Either they violated the technology of application, or they wanted to save to the maximum and bought low-quality Chinese products. From all the above we draw conclusions:

  1. Saving is a good thing, but not at the expense of quality.
  2. Preference should be given to European manufacturers.
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