The starter turns, but does not turn the engine. Why the starter scrolls

What to do if the starter rotates, but nottwists the engine, does not crank its crankshaft? There are few reasons for this behavior, they should be studied in more detail, and also consider methods of elimination. It is possible that you will immediately begin to panic, but this should not be done. Repair will cost a maximum of 300 rubles. The only thing that takes away from you this breakdown is time. But it all depends on what kind of malfunction it was in the starter. First you need to carry out a diagnosis.


The starter turns but does not turn the engine

So, the symptoms are obvious - the starter is spinning, but notturns the motor. Of course, you can start a car with a tug, but it's only wise to do it if you need to get to the repair site. Constantly in this way start the engine will not. First of all, pay attention to whether any foreign metal sounds are heard from the starter side. If they are present, the cause of the breakdown can be determined at once - the teeth on the flywheel ring are worn out, so the gear wheel can not engage with them.

But there may be other malfunctions. For example, the breakdown itself bendiksa. Its main part is an overtaking clutch. With its help, the pinion can rotate only one way. If it freely rotates in both directions, then the overrunning clutch is damaged. It will only be necessary to replace the bandix, and this procedure will take about half an hour of time. Very rarely, metal plates or a plastic plug break. If there is such a breakdown, the starter rotates, but the engine does not start, since the retractor closes the contacts, but does not engage the gears.

How to remove the starter

repair of starters

To work you will need a small settools - keys on 10 and 13. And regardless of what car is the removal of this mechanism. Repair of starters on different brands and models of cars is carried out by one technology. The reason for this is the identical design of the electric drive. They can differ in size, type (with or without a reducer), as well as the type of plug (plastic, metal plate). In other respects, there is practically no difference.

True, on some models of carsit is necessary to turn out not weakly to remove the starter. For example, in the domestic classics, in order to unscrew the lower fixing nut, you need to climb under the machine to release the engine starter. And then, using a head on 13, a pair of cardans and an extension cord, unscrew this ill-fated nut. However, the majority of drivers simply ignore it, during the assembly they hold fasteners on two nuts. In the other models of domestic cars VAZ problems with the dismantling of the starter is not observed.

How to replace the bendyx

the starter turns but does not start

You can replace the bandix in just 10-15 minutes. With the condition that the starter is already removed from the car and prepared for repair. First, unscrew the fastener of the rear cover, then remove the locking ring from the rotor. Twist the two nuts with which the starter parts are pulled together. But you can disconnect only after the stator windings are disconnected from the brush assembly. When doing the repair of starters, try to pay attention to all the details, even the smallest ones.

First, clean the lamellas and housing. Secondly, assess the wear of bushes and brushes. When disconnect all parts of the starter, the rotor will remain in the front cover. Closer to its edge is a snap ring. It is topped with a clip, which can be moved towards the winding of the rotor, causing several light strokes. Then use a screwdriver to remove the ring. That's all, now the bandix can easily be dismantled, and in its place is the installation of a new one. It is recommended that spiral splines on the rotor surface be covered with lithol or graphite grease.

How to remove the gearbox

starter price

But it's much worse if the starter turns, but notturns the engine, and metal sounds are audible. This indicates that you will need to remove the gearbox and change the crown of the flywheel. If you are going to climb here, then remember how long the clutch was changing. If you do not remember when, then get the kit - a disc, a basket, a bearing and six bolts. The procedure for removing the gearbox is not easy, so once again it is expensive to carry it out. First of all, disconnect all wires going to the gearbox and the cable of the speedometer drive. Now drain the oil, while controlling its appearance.

After that, disconnect the drives - internalRemove the CV joints from the gearbox. Note that both hinges can not be removed at the same time! First dismantle the first, then put a blank in its place. After that, just take out the second one. Otherwise, the differential will collapse, you have to disassemble the box to eliminate the breakdown. Then hang the engine and gearbox, dismantle the pillows. However, on this preparation is over. Now just unscrew the bolts or nuts that hold the box mount to the engine. And you can undock.

Replacing the flywheel crown

engine starter

Note that if the starter rotates, butdoes not rotate the engine, and the reason in the wreath, then its teeth will not all be destroyed. Most of it will be in perfect condition, but here's a small sector will be spoiled. The thing is that the crankshaft relative to the starter stops in one position. And it is in it begins gearing - the impact of the gear of the bendix on the crown.

Repair of the crown can be completely free. It would be more reasonable to remove it and set it back. This element is completely symmetrical, so there will be no problems. The new one has a cost of about 200-250 rubles, which also does not hurt your pocket. First it must be knocked off the flywheel. Then the crown (new or the same) warms up. It's not necessary. Also it is simply applied on a flywheel. That's all, now the metal cools and the crown clamps the flywheel firmly. On this, you can complete the repair and begin assembling the car.


Now you know how to just change the starter. The price of the new is relatively small. For example, for cars VAZ the minimum 2300 rubles. Of course, the more expensive the car, the more money it will take to buy a starter. But changing it completely is not always wise. If the fault is in the bendix, then its cost is ten times lower. Therefore, it is easier to replace only this node.

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