Calculation of fuel consumption and the cause of its loss

Anyone who buys a car asks himselfthe issue of fuel consumption. The prices for gasoline are constantly growing, and it is not known how much fuel refueling will cost tomorrow. How to calculate if there is no on-board computer? In practice, this issue is solved quite simply, this we now consider.

First, we record the speedometer data at the timefixing the run. Next, fill up the filling station with a full tank of fuel, it is full, pour to failure (this is extremely important for calculating fuel consumption). After that, we just go about our business in the usual traffic conditions. For a correct calculation, you need to drive more than 400 km. At this distance, you can make the correct calculation of fuel consumption.

Calculation of fuel consumption.
After that, you should stop at the gas station and fill again with a full tank of gasoline, while recording again the amount of gasoline that entered the tank. Now it is possible to calculate fuel consumption.

Look at the record, how many kilometers have traveled, these kilometers are divided by the amount of gasoline filled in the second time and you get fuel consumption for a hundred kilometers.

Calculation of fuel consumption can also show a high fuel consumption. This can be affected by some technical reasons:

- incorrect ignition adjustment. At late, the engine consumes more fuel. One degree of bias will give an increase in consumption by 1%;

- improper clearance in candles can raise consumption by 3-10%;

- if low-octane gasoline is poured, the increase in consumption will give + 5%;

- riding on a cold engine will increase consumption by 20%;

Control of fuel consumption.
- With a large piston wear, the increase in flow can reach 10%, and for each reduction atmosphere;

- unsettled break-up convergence will raise consumption by 10%;

- worn-out clutch will bring an extra 10% upwards;

- carburetor power system, faulty pump will give rise to 50%;

- uncontrolled valves and obsolete gas distribution will jointly lead to a 10-20% increase in flow;

- increase in fuel consumption will give a low pressure in the tires of the car;

- 10% gives a clogged air filter.

There is a possibility that the fuel consumption sensor will show an increase in consumption and purely for "household" reasons:

The gauge of the expense of fuel.
- the activated air conditioner will increase the flow from 1% to 2%;

- open windows will increase the resistance to the oncoming airflow and lead to an extra 3-5%;

- get 10% extra when driving on the road with poor grip of the wheels (rain, ice);

- the head wind will take 10%;

- after attaching the trailer, you will lose 25-30%

- will bring the loss of the trunk, fixed on the roof;

- an overloaded machine will significantly increase fuel consumption.

The summarized results show that the calculation of fuel consumption is worth doing, but it is necessary to check the technical condition of the car in time and master the tricks of economical driving.

Do not press the accelerator pedal sharply. The faster the acceleration, there's more the car needs energy for this, which it takes in gasoline consumption. Pour fuel on the tested fuel stations, its quality greatly affects the consumption.

Periodically do the control of fuel consumption.

Keep moving at a constant speed.

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