Car "Sable" 4x4 with a plug-in all-wheel drive: owner feedback

What associations will cause the word "SUV"? High car for 4-7 passenger seats, station wagon. And what do you say about the minivan SUV? Perhaps, it's hard to believe, but Russian designers especially for domestic roads produce such a one. And he is the "son" of well-known "GAZel".

Sable 4x4 with plug-in all-wheel drive reviews

Shortened base, reduced carrying capacitybody van or minivan - and instead of "GAZelle" appears "Sable". The first was released in 1998. Since then the model has improved, new modifications have appeared, and further development was the release of the all-wheel-drive model GAZ "Sable" 4x4. When considering photographs of thoughts about the SUV does not arise: the car is similar to the "GAZelle", well, maybe the landing is a little higher. But to understand Russian roads can only Russian designers, when not only the terrain outside the city, but sometimes the stone jungle becomes completely impassable. Based on this, the best SUV can be a car assembled in Russia under Russian realities. If you remember the trips abroad, when not every car gets to the destination, surely every second, if not the first, will agree to this.

We sit behind the wheel

So, what is the new "Sable"4x4? Despite the reduced length of the base, the driver's cabin remained the same as that of the "mother". The seats are designed with all modern safety and ergonomics requirements in mind, allowing long trips to long distances. As in time "GAZelle", "Sable" was also originally planned in 2 versions: a van and an open platform, allowing to install blocks of the type of refrigerators, but the usual model also received the hull of the minibus. "Sable" 4x4 (four-wheel drive) in the basic configuration has a van body with the possibility of landing 2 or 7 passengers.

gas sable 4х4

Although the all-metal van is not so goodis adapted for the needs of the population, if we recall the connections of the all-wheel drive, and therefore, for increased cross-country ability by Russian standards - such a machine will interest a certain range of small firms and individual entrepreneurs.

Disconnectable bridge

Of course, an all-wheel drive car consumesmore fuel, but the possibility of locking the rear axle makes the lead only one bridge - the front. "Sable" 4x4, thanks to the Elocker system, is able to turn into a 4x2 version, which, in turn, can save fuel on flat sections of the road, while the full drive will help deliver cargo to inaccessible places for ordinary cars.

Distinctive features of auto

In addition to the already mentioned blocking system,installed directly at the factory, GAZ Sobol 4x4 also has other innovations of the machines of the Gorky plant: two-section mirrors with heating, power steering. The latest versions include some development of the future class Next. In addition to the disengageable all-wheel drive, the distinctive feature of this model became the ZF steering, shock absorbers and clutch, synchronization of the 1st and 2nd gears. Also a possible feature of the all-wheel drive can be called the last seven in the name of the model. For example, the all-wheel drive van was named GAZ-27527.

Sable 4x4 Reviews

According to the manufacturer, the designAll-wheel drive model will reduce noise levels, reduce fuel consumption, increase the life and service life of individual units. The car has a soft enough move, high stability of movement and controllability even in conditions of full impassability.


Separately, it should be mentioned that the enginesfull-size van has not undergone any special changes. Designers GAZ put on the wagons of two types of motor: gasoline or diesel. The same models are installed on the all-wheel drive "Sable" 4x4. The characteristics of the engines can be seen in the photo below.

Sable 4x4 owner reviews

Nevertheless, the imported Chrysler diesel engine does not cause problems with heating: judging by the reviews, the Sable will be launched in any frost.

Other important characteristics of the model

Well, since we started talking about figures, the picture was notwould be complete, if they did not touch on other features of the GAZ Sobol 4x4 vehicle. Technical characteristics of the example of the GAZ-27527 van are shown in the photo below.

gas sable 4x4 reviews

As has been said many times, the models, differing in different bodies, basically had the same stuffing.

Owner feedback

Developers, designers, dealers, of course,they praise the car. And now let's see what the owners, lovers, businessmen say about the car - in general, everyone who uses the car in everyday life. After all, before making a decision to buy such a car, and the price for it starts from 500,000 rubles, it does not hurt to know in advance about the problems or pluses from the words already bought cars.

About the front axle

Very often it is because of his combination of "two inone "discuss the leading axis in the GAZ" Sable "4x4 car.Reviews of the owners are mostly positive, except that they write a lot about the front axle, which according to the scheme of the car should be used much more often than the rear.

Good volume

At the same time, do not forget that even though the modeland it is considered an off-road vehicle, no car, not even the Sable 4x4 is calculated for jumping along the sidewalks and lying policemen. The feedback from the owners emphasizes an interesting feature. For a good family (more than 5 people) this car, despite all the shortcomings of the front axle, is almost ideal. Capacity up to 7 people plus good volume and weight of luggage. It is unlikely that you will immediately be able to name a car that meets these criteria.

Fans of outdoor activities

According to its running characteristics, the car was ratedlovers of outdoor activities, although developers are unlikely to count on cars for this segment. Nevertheless, about the car "Sable" 4x4 with a plug-in all-wheel drive, the reviews are written by the villagers under construction, and lovers go where roads do not just leave much to be desired.

Hatch and muffler

The second theme after the front bridge, concerningcar "Sable" 4x4, the reviews indicate a not very good position of the hatch and the proximity of the pipe muffler. When driving at a speed that is declared by the manufacturer and checked by users already, the smoke from the exhaust pipe can be tightened through the hatch to the second passenger compartment.


Many fans talk about the possibilities of tuningcars of GAZ. Did not become an exception in this case, and "Sable" 4x4 with a plug-in all-wheel drive. Reviews about tuning do not write as often as, for example, on the front bridge, but there are ideas from the 7-car machine to make such a super. Soft sofas instead of armchairs in the cabin, on the ceiling to mount a miniature TV with the ability to connect additional devices, such as a player. Turn the hatch correctly or replace it with the hatch from old foreign cars.

About the interior

Separately note the rear seats in the seven-seatercar kit "Sable" 4x4 Reviews of people who took this option, repeatedly emphasize that the rear seats on our roads are shaking. But such a problem on city streets is noted, perhaps, by any minibus or van. At the same time, those who have to travel with cargo, note the exceptional silence and softness of the move both in 2 and in 7 local models.

There's a lot of contradictory things about the vanideas. In mobile outlets in the markets, you can see an open luggage compartment door (in the "Barguzin" versions) used as a visor from the sun or light weather.

Sable 4x4 technical specifications

The factory configuration of the 7-seater model allowsrather freely move the last row of seats, increasing the space of the trunk or places for passengers. A small modification of the second row can allow to arrange quite a suitable place for an overnight stay right in the car.

Also, the interior can be referred to the wishes for handrails. Due to the high landing of the SUV, the height threshold is approximately knee-deep to an adult of medium height.

In addition, much depends, rather, on skilldriver, because the conditions of use are different for everyone. "Sable" 4x4 with the plug-in all-wheel drive reviews is generally well deserved. Despite minor defects, which in today's foreign cars are not less than in domestic cars, for fishing, on the shore of the reservoir, not every passenger car will get.

About the carrying capacity

Well, in the carrying capacity you can not doubt. Suffice it to recall that the prototype of "Sable" was "GAZelle", and the original assembly "Sable" was planned exactly on-board trucks.


On the management of the car "Sable" 4x4 withconnected all-wheel drive owner reviews are basically the same. Despite the possibility of connecting the all-wheel drive, the van has better handling than some cars. And if you remember that, for example, for construction, mainly going on a truck or "Sable", then further conversations are unnecessary.

Sable 4x4 Characteristics

If you do not touch the individual driving styles, thenvery many people mention volatility (which, it would seem, is unusual for such a model) and the need to put their hands on it. But with the last point of the problem, not only domestic transport is observed.


About the warmth in the cabin reviews are very contradictory. By design, the machine has two stoves, and very many believe that the cabin is quite warm. At the same time, there are mentions that the second cabin is cool. But, probably, it can be explained by the fact that the car was not originally planned as a minibus. In addition, if you recall "GAZelle", then there is a problem of heat there.

About capacity and loading possibilities

About the carrying capacity already written, but coveredtruck, which, in fact, is the van "Sable", plus all its advantages has the ability to be loaded not only through the swing doors, but also a fairly wide second door.

Sable 4x4 All wheel drive

At the same time, an average motorist does not often need to carry 15-meter boards.


It is worth noting that, despite the fact that the machinehas a four-wheel drive, this van will spend less than a truck and SUV of the same class. Judging by the reviews, the Chrysler diesel asks for 10 liters in suburban conditions, in the city - up to 13. If you count on country trips, you can, of course, better take the "Niva", but the height of the body, the second door, as well as the ability to switch the wheel formula make "Sable" a serious competitor to both conventional cars and SUVs.

By the way, we note that the 7-seater car is positioned as a semi-cargo minivan-van, which does not require the driver the rights of category D.

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