DAF XF 95: overview of tractor units (features, reviews)

Development of the Dutch industry in the field ofmachine building in the territory of Russia, as well as other countries of the post-Soviet space has not received much popularity and prevalence. The presence of small dealer centers and services is, rather, a rarity than regularity. But it should be noted that DAF machines are widely heard. They are often talked about truckers, and the cars themselves are working successfully at domestic enterprises.

The most popular and most commonis the model DAF XF 95. The vehicle with such a model number has been produced for more than 30 years. A large number of various generations have been created, adapted to modern conditions. The first DAF machine with index 95 appeared back in 1987.

daf xf 95

History of creation

The first tractor with model number 95 leftconveyor back in the far 87th year of the last century. It was a simple, but at the same time quite reliable car. The tractor DAF XF 95 was positioned as a car designed for long and constant traveling. The total distance covered in a year was much higher than 150 thousand km.

In the end result was a car,which has a stable demand in the market for such equipment. The company DAF, thanks to the 95th and 85th models, was able to strengthen its position in the automotive market of Europe. Technical progress does not stand in one place, and the decision to improve the 95th model appeared after 10 years of confident work. Already in 1997 a new, significant improved version was introduced.

daf 95 xf Characteristics

Improved car with an updated name

In order to avoid any problems withmarking, the name of the model has an alphabetic designation. DAF XF 95 - this inscription was on the body of the tractor. The letters XF in literal translation mean "extra loud". This is a statement of the company's engineers that they have created a technique that can work at full speed. These were not empty words or a marketing move: the brand XF hides the endurance and special character of the car.

Approximately at one time with the release of a new version of DAFXF tractor appears on the territory of Russia. The first options (it is worth noting, not very cheap) did not disappoint the buyers. As a result, the machine paid off completely. DAF XF 95 on the secondary market were more expensive than its competitors, however it did not affect their popularity in any way. They loved the tractor for its efficiency and reliability.

tractor daf xf 95


The developers took into account all the comments and createda completely new cabin, in which it was practically possible to stand in full growth and move smoothly - nothing hindered. Inside there were two places, adapted for sleeping. The sleeping bags were connected by an ergonomic ladder. The engineers borrowed this technology from specialists of the car building industry. The upper shelf was exactly the same.

Quality interior decoration and excellentergonomics significantly influenced the popularity of the DAF XF 95. The interior is not devoid of elegance, while everything is quite compact for convenient use of devices. Every day on the public roads of such tractors becomes more and more.

daf xf 95 salon

Power component

Initially, the XF line was equipped with a volume motor12.7 liters. Diesel engines differed from each other with maximum power, which ranged from 380 forces to 483. DAF 95 XF 430, the characteristics of which met all the requirements, was particularly popular with customers. This motor is an excellent combination of power and economy. Over time, the units were much more powerful.

The new engine boasted a volume of 14 liters, while developing 530 forces, which corresponded to the then accepted rates of EURO-2.

After the tractor DAF XF 95 appeared on thethe Russian market and on the roads of the CIS countries, it was necessary to seriously refine the engine. First of all, the designers replaced the electronics, as it was created based on calculations carried out on the American system of measurements. Over time, electronics were transferred to the metric system. I solved all problems with an additional block-decoder. In addition, it was necessary to change the voltage in the network from 12 V, adopted in the States, to 24 V, common in the Russian market.

daf 95 xf 430 specifications

In the new millennium with the update

In 2000, DAF XF 95 changed a bit itsappearance, some technical changes were introduced. The XF marking changed its location on the body, remained without numbers. Now the proud emblem decorated the left side of the bonnet. In addition, the developers decided to replace the American engines. There were a number of reasons for this, which made it difficult to operate cars in Europe and the CIS.

The main drawback of US powerplants- fastidiousness to combustible material. Most European and Russian gas stations in most cases can not guarantee that the fuel will be of high quality. As a result, various kinds of breakdowns occur, accompanied by unstable operation of the motor and the system responsible for the recirculation of the exhaust gases.

The second most important problem is the originalspare items. If the original Dutch spare parts find it very difficult, then the American is even more difficult. As a result, the power part of the machine was subject to modernization and replacement of the engine.

daf xf 95 specifications

Technical data

In the new millennium DAF XF 95 came with a newmotor, which became an excellent substitute for American analogues. As the power unit the engine with marking XE390C in volume of 12 liters was used. It is much smaller and lighter, but nevertheless it did not prevent it from developing a capacity of 530 liters. from. The new version has already complied with the norms of EURO-3.

Only the transmission did not change. At all XF 95 was a checkpoint from the company ZF. This is a 16-speed manual transmission with an additional separator. This type of construction is popular among tractors of this class, thanks to the convenience of operation, as well as its durability. The recommended interval for the replacement of the lubricant in the MKPP is 90,000 km.

There are two versions of automatic transmission, with 12- and 16-speed gears, but they are made only by prior order.

Chassis equipment

The front is usual for this class of equipmentspring type suspension. Rear - pneumatic, paired with built-in control system. In the secondary market, you can find DAF 95 XF, the characteristic of which will be slightly different from the popular ones. The model is equipped with an additional lifting bridge, in most cases it is the construction of a chassis of 6 to 2.

In the updated version, old drum brakes were replaced with more modern ones - disk ones. This insignificant change significantly improved the car's safety performance.

Care at Rest

Issue of the car with the marking DAF XF 95continued until 2007. Around the same time, DAF introduced a new line of tractors labeled XF 85 and CF 95. These two models became receivers of the legendary 95 XF. They continued to conquer the highways and autobahns, but with a more modern running gear. There were reinforced shock absorbers and a new cabin. The new generation is much lighter and more durable.

tractor daf xf 95


Many of the owners speak about the DAF XF 95,technical characteristics of which are able to eclipse the data of any competitor, as one of the best tractors in its class. But not everything is as good as it seems at first glance.

Some drivers say that whenoperation of the car in the harsh regions of Russia, it significantly loses to its competitors. The only "sick" place of the truck is the checkpoint. Many complained about the secondary shaft bearing, as well as on the gears of the demultiplier gear. The worst thing is that it is not always possible to identify a fault in advance. The problem occurs at the most inopportune time, however it does not matter whether the car goes empty on the highway and at high speed or stretches in urban conditions.

If there are problems with the bearing, thenit is almost impossible to turn off the transmission. If the transmissions are still switched on, and the demultiplicator button does not always work on time - this is the first sign that it's time to go to the service for the transmission repair. We are glad that the spare parts are much cheaper than the nearest competitor IVECO.

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