W-shaped engine in the modern automotive industry

Modern automotive industry is one of the mostthe most developed areas of industry, and the constantly improving designs of cars and automobile engines provide consumers with the widest choice of machines with virtually any type of engine.

One of the most popular types of engines,used both in passenger cars, and on crossovers and off-road vehicles, at the present time is a W-shaped engine produced by virtually all the world's leading automakers.

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W-shaped engine with its layout allows you to reduce the height of the engine compartment of the car, which has a positive effect on the aerodynamic properties of the body.

The modern W-shaped engine is basicallyis installed on powerful models of cars. After all, in most cases this type of engine is produced in at least six-cylinder version. In addition to the six-cylinder, eight- and twelve-cylinder engines are installed on cars, allowing to obtain a large torque and maximum power.

W-shaped engines are divided into gasolineand diesel, while diesel engines have much higher torque and lower fuel consumption than gasoline engine types.

Despite the fact that diesel enginesinitially have a higher price, these power units fully justify their value, because when the car is used for a long time with such an engine, the apparent overpayment will be compensated by saving on material costs for fuel.

 v-type engine

In most gasoline engines of this typea direct fuel injection system is applied, with each cylinder having its own separate injector, which allows for substantial fuel savings. In addition, for additional savings on this type of engines are installed fuel after-burning systems, which allow you to save up to 5% of the fuel.

To increase power as gasoline engines,so diesel and their counterparts can be equipped with one or two turbines, which, depending on the degree of compression, can increase engine power by 25-40 percent.

But the W-shaped engine is complicated and expensive inmaintenance of the power unit, so all cars with this type of power plant are in a higher price category compared to cars that have engines of the classic layout.

w-shaped engine

V-type engine is used in mostpowerful off-road cars, business class cars, executive class and sports cars, which gives an unforgettable impression of a fast ride.

Also worth noting is the fact that inRecently, W-shaped engines have been used in modern hybrid power plants, which significantly reduced fuel consumption when traveling in urban mode of movement.

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