Mopeds for 50 cubes. Top Three

Car owners can gloat atdrivers, managers of light motor vehicles. Sometimes they are at a crazy speed overtake scooters or press them to the side of the road, but the jokes end when the motorist gets into a huge traffic jam. At such times, many would prefer to be on a scooter that can squeeze through the standing mass of cars and SUVs.

mopeds 50 cubes

The Japanese are favorites

The choice of mopeds for 50 cubes is incredibly big, butthe leading positions are occupied by Japanese, which are more durable and reliable. Their spare parts are executed qualitatively. If you drive, observing all the requirements of the manufacturer, then the breakdown will be infrequent, and repair or replacement of components will not hit hard on the pocket. In our market there are models presented by European countries, however they are much more expensive, which frightens off a potential buyer. And also you can pay attention to the Chinese counterparts, which began to assemble more qualitatively and have a rich basic equipment. Let's look at three 50-cc moped, the characteristics of which are the best presented in the domestic market.


mopeds 50 cubes photo

Legendary 50-cc moped Honda Dio havealmost thirty-year history. The first model was born in 1988, and the point in this series was the scooter DIO AF68, which belongs to the fifth generation. This is a reliable device that received a four-stroke injector motor, equipped with forced air cooling. Sizzling 4.9 liters. from. quickly overclock the scooter to the claimed 60 km / h. It will not be possible to squeeze out more, since there is a factory restriction. The fuel consumption is 1.25 liters per hundred kilometers, which is an excellent indicator. On a full tank, you can cover a distance of 370 km, if your average speed does not exceed 30 km / h. Maneuverable and light scooter is equipped with good drum brakes, which is important for the city model. New units are expensive, which caused an unprecedented demand in the secondary market. Buy second-hand is quite simple, and their price starts from 30 thousand rubles.


  • reliability;
  • availability of spare parts;
  • excellent build quality;
  • economy;
  • ease of management;
  • durability;
  • electronic fuel injection;
  • reliable suspension;
  • front telescopic fork.


  • high price.


mopeds 50 cubes characteristic

This is a quality Japanese 50-cube moped,which has a four-stroke engine with an injector. The mechanical heart is capable of giving 4.5 liters. with., Which will lead the scooter in motion, spending one and a half liters of fuel for every 100 km. Bold and stylish design, a large and comfortable seat, as well as a readable instrument panel make it as pleasant as possible for fans of similar technology. It is quite simple to operate, durable and very manoeuvrable on the road. This model has fallen in love with both experienced drivers of mopeds, and teenagers.


  • good assembly;
  • attractive design;
  • reliable frame;
  • excellent brakes;
  • soft suspension;
  • fast and durable engine.


  • low load-carrying capacity;
  • assortment of spare parts inferior to the "Honda";
  • unfinished head optics.

Irbis LX 50

This model, representing 50-cubic mopeds,advantageously distinguishes sports design, as well as front optics, which received large attractive headlights. The landing site is comfortable, designed for two people, and the maximum speed is 90 km / h. These scooters go off the assembly line, getting rich equipment, and can boast:

  • alarm;
  • a tachometer;
  • remote start of the 2-stroke motor;
  • alloy wheels;
  • electronic ignition;
  • telescopic fork.

what documents are needed for a moped 50 cubes

The same off-road tires, as in the photo,50-cubes mopeds Irbis are equipped in the model LX 50. Thanks to them, as well as a reliable frame and suspension scooter has a load capacity of 150 kg! The engine is a carburetor, producing 4.78 kW of power. It is able to provide excellent dynamics of movement even on a dirt road.


  • comfortable seat;
  • aggressive design;
  • reinforced suspension;
  • impressive basic equipment;
  • maximum speed of 90 km / h;
  • off-road tires;
  • signaling.


  • relatively high fuel consumption;
  • rapid wear of parts, leading to frequent breakdowns.

Many of those who thought about buyingscooter, are wondering about what documents are needed for a moped of 50 cubes. At the moment it is necessary to have only the rights of category M and a technical passport. You can ride on such a technique only from the age of 16.

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