3S engine from Toyota

The engines of the Toyota S-series belong to the family of in-line four-cylinder engines with a volume of 1.8-2.2 liters, having a cast-iron cylinder block and an alloy cylinder head.

Engine 3s

There are only five generations of engines in this series: 1S - 5S. Often among people interested in motor sports, you can hear about the third of them.

The engine 3S has, as already mentioned, fourcylinder, arranged in a row, with a total volume of 1.99 liters. It has several modifications: 3S-FC, 3S-FE, known to many 3S-GE (only five generations), 3S-GTE, created on the basis of GE, 3S-GTM. For example, the 3S-FC engine could be seen under the hood of the Toyota Camry, manufactured in 1987-1991. The FE modification was installed on Celica SSI and Carina E.

Further - more interesting. 3S GE engine was installed on Celica 2.0 GT-i 16, Celica GT-R, MR2, and in the period from 1997 to 2005 this unit was installed under the hood of Altezza and Caldina GT. GT-modification can be seen under the hood of Eagle Mk, Supra, GT JZA80, and GTE - from Celica GT-Four, MR2 and Caldina GT-Four.

The most popular engine in Russia is the engine3S-GE. As already mentioned, the single-row engine has four cylinders, its block is iron, and the head of the cylinder block is aluminum. The order of the cylinders: 1й-3й-4й-2й. The first one is located next to the timing belt. The first iteration of this engine weighed only 143 kg. Pistons were made of aluminum. The engine of this modification has five generations.

Engine 3s reviews
The first generation was produced from 1984 to 1989and had a power of 135 hp. This engine was equipped with Celica GT-S. The second was produced from 1990 to 1993. In the domestic market, this engine developed a capacity of 165 liters. with., on the outside - 156 liters. from. The third generation is published from 1994 to 1999. Power has grown to 180 liters. from. The fourth generation, also known as Red Top BEAMS, has been launched since 1997. BEAMS is an abbreviation for "opening an engine with an improved system of mechanisms." He developed power in 200 liters. from. (automatic version - 190 hp). They were equipped with MR2 G, Celica ST202 and Caldina. Finally, the fifth generation was published in 1998, the capacity was already 210 liters. from. This generation was installed in Altezza.

Rapidly gaining momentum in Russia is aa kind of motor sport, like drift, and became the reason for the popularity of these motors. Now the Silvia was replaced by Altezza, and under her hood 3S-GE. Some athletes, however, prefer him, for example, 2JZ, but this is a completely different level. Therefore, beginners are quite satisfied with the engine 3S. Reviews about it basically contain information that it is quite powerful, unpretentious in use. Altezza with such a motor quickly accelerates to a hundred - in 6.8 seconds, and from the place it breaks pretty fast. In this motor 210 hp help. from. However, they demand a lot. Altezza only 98 gasoline likes, so it "eats" it, like a child - candy. But despite this, the owners of this engine and, in particular, this car, are very satisfied.

3s engine
Some speed lovers and professionalsmotorsport resort to such a procedure as a swap (swap). It is a replacement of the units and assemblies of the car in order to improve its dynamic characteristics. So, for example, the above-mentioned Altezza instead of its native 3S-GE is fitted with a 3S-GTE with the appropriate transmission, brakes and other components. From the conventional GE motor GTE is characterized by the presence of turbocharging and higher power respectively. So, the maximum capacity is 225 liters. from. However, such an increase in horsepower will require new, more powerful brakes, and a more efficient cooling system.

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